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    Australian Hwa Rang Tae Kwon Do

    This is the only club ive joined, personally i like it alot. the people here are friendly and the master is very professional (Master Kim Myung Man 8th dan black belt). He has normal classes and also has set up extra classes for tournament training. One thing i like most about his training is that the tries to separate the martial art and sport aspects taekwondo. He forcuses alot on the form of taekwondo rather than how to avoid/gain points where i find most dojos do.

    On the rating system... because i am not a blackbelt i cannot judge how much weapon training we do. and as for grapplingi guess its one of those things where u have to be good at it.

    I have a lot of respect and pride towards my dojo, and although I've noticed that most people here are from U.S.A if people are interested in taking up taekwondo and lives in sydney i would strongly recommend this club.

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    Sounds great! (especially since I'm planning on moving to Sydney soon). Do you know how long one of the classes last?

    Thanks :)


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