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    It's proper name is a multi-stage fitness test. And what exactly is wrong with it?

    The level you reach dictates your vo2 max which is the body's ability to uptake, transport and utilise oxygen.

    If it's good enough for the British Army, RAF and Royal Navy then it's good enough for your TKD loving candy ass, kwoww.

    Apart from the one's drunkmonkey mentioned i know of the 12 minute run/swim and the two for unfit people in the Balke treadmill test and 3 mile walk.

    BTW i did shocking on it! Reached level 7 something but we get to do the test again in a few weeks to test improvements. I should fair a little better as the previous day i'd been doing power testing, 1 rep max, submaximal and endurance etc etc so was a little burnt out and suffering from DOMS!
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    man i loved this test so much. everyone in my grade 12 "exercise science" class had to do it (it was essentially an anatomy class).

    i ended up making it to level 11, and only this guy who was on the track team beat me.

    and the funniest part was that we did a step test right after to check how fast our heart rate recovered but mine was still ridiculously high from the beep test.

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