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    Quote Originally Posted by KidSpatula
    I don't get the impression too many wife beater wearing pot bellied men are watching the Oxygen network =P
    Don't forget the natural lite damnit... that was the linch pin holding my entire feeble theory together. And as a matter of fact there has been a bit of a buzz about fight girls among the wife beater set.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meng_mao
    Yeah she was a loner, but she was kind of a bitch, as well.
    Maybe, but mostly she just seemed to want her space, and only got bitchy with the girls who got in her face and was left in a generally nasty mood all the time because she was at odds with the house clique. I'm not taking her "side" or whatever, I just see the girls' cliquey behavior as being really immature. Of course, it being a reality show, I'm sure all of that was made much more of a thing than it probably really was just to add to the reality show style drama crap.
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