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    Quote Originally Posted by ggboxer
    Oddly enough, it seems boxing at an amateur-club level in schools is flourishing best at the ivy-leagues. Yale, Princeton, and Harvard all have well funded/attended boxing clubs that compete against each other in sanctioned scrimmage matches. Most of those participants of course go on to full time careers after they graduate and don't go any further as competitive boxers, so there's no push from an emerging pro talent pool to emphasize boxing more in school athletic programs. Hence, boxing is the fringe commercial sport that it is today. When you look at old boxing literature and newsprint, you can see that champions like Sonny Liston, Floyd Patterson, Rocky Marciano etc. were well known public figures, you can find photos of all those guys shaking hands with the President of the US.
    The hell are you talking about? I know for a fact Princeton has no boxing club, and I'm pretty sure Yale doesn't either. I've never heard of intercollegiate matches, either. And I'm pretty sure Brown and Upenn don't have clubs either, so that's what, 4 out of 8? I'd hardly call that flourishing.

    And I don't think universities have much to do with the loss of popularity of boxing. I think it has more to do with the general public losing interest in getting punched in the face.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldarbong
    This wasn't what I meant. When two people agree to fight eachother in a school yard(I was talking about youth specifically in my post), is that really that bad? It's part of the natural experience of growing up. Fighting is always stupid, but when you're a kid you don't have the maturity to view it in the light that an adult would. I don't know how you got "totalitarian society," or even worse "teach goose stepping in schools" from what I posted.
    It comes from a view of people worshipping strength. When I was a kid, a much smaller kid than most, the teachers would show up after I was jumped and say "It takes to too tango".Granted, there was some racial issues back then- but I sure wasn't interested in "settling" anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KempoFist
    Sadly this is the truth. People striking each other? It's gotten to the point that harsh stares are taboo, and grade school sports have stopped keeping score as they don't want to hurt any feelings. To be honest I'm surprised they still offer wrestling before 6th grade.


    I don't like making new threads, so I'll revive this one. It has a lot to do with my current problem, and it has a handy article to help out.

    I teach young kids (fourth graders) about TKD and all it means, health benefits, provide discipline, etc, but there is a problem with this. I'm young, just turned twenty and teaching in a grade F elementary school, and furthermore, teaching the bad kids. Not the one who are necessarily mean and bullish, but the ones who can't do math to save their life. That's the background I'm working with.

    The parents are poor. The students are poor, and what this leads to is a lawsuit with anything that breathes. TKD is a physical activity, and at any time, these parents are willing to shut down the entire school to make a quick buck. I got this job in order to help the kids, but also to get me reinstated into a martial arts mindset.

    I'm torn between helping the kids, and being safe with them. I've "sparred" them with light contact, and that can't be done anymore, because "I hit someone in the eye" (kiddies get scared when big mean man wants to show them they don't inherently know how to fight). The school wants me to run a pool-less swimming program now, and I don't know what to do about it. Help plz?

    The reason I necromanced this thread is that I find the article pertains to my situation. I'm trying to do what it says. I just want some advice on how to go about it.

    One difference is that these kids aren't choosing to go to my class, they're forced into it. As such, some have an innate dislike for me making them get off of their lazy duffs and punch a wavemaster.

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    Kids have a LOT of energy...a LOT OF ENERGY and if you don't find a way to spend it, they're bound to channel it towards stupid ideas and attitudes! Some parents think that the solution is to buy every technogizmo that comes along just to keep them ocuppied, but then people started to noticed kids were getting now what? Boxing, wrestling, bjj, atletic sports, I see them as a sure way to keep your kids interested, occupied and healthy while teaching them about competition,defeat and achievements...and who knows, they might get rich and buy their daddy a house!
    I wish I had compulsory boxing or judo while growing up...:glasses6:

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