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    I thought you guys might get a kick out of this conversation with a real "master" read on:

    2GentleGiants : anyway, any of you's reached mastery? or are you all too young
    solidman82 : cause one of them is earthdragon
    solidman82 : nobody can reach mastery
    2GentleGiants : yes
    2GentleGiants : they can
    2GentleGiants : i have.....
    solidman82 : so are you telling me that masters can just stop training altogether?
    2GentleGiants : no
    2GentleGiants : i didnt say that
    ironshirt : chill solid d isn't worth the time
    solidman82 : then they aren't masters
    2GentleGiants : im a 4th dan
    Possible_Tomorrow : and that makes you a master?
    Possible_Tomorrow : HA!
    2GentleGiants : yes
    solidman82 : that's what I was just gonna say
    Possible_Tomorrow : my instructor is a 5th dan
    2GentleGiants : 4th dan= master
    Possible_Tomorrow : and he's got a shitload more to go before ANYBODY considers him a master
    Possible_Tomorrow : lol
    2GentleGiants : 6th dan= grandmaster
    solidman82 : if there's any possible way you can gain skill then you're not a master
    Possible_Tomorrow : what style is this?
    ironshirt : a master once said a true master questions if he is a master
    Possible_Tomorrow : j/w
    8supersaji has left the conversation.
    2GentleGiants : Tae Kwon Do
    2GentleGiants : respest!
    solidman82 : BAH!
    Possible_Tomorrow : Damn
    2GentleGiants : respect
    solidman82 : BAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Possible_Tomorrow : and I thought MY TKD was an easy one
    Possible_Tomorrow : ****
    solidman82 : that's all I have to say about that
    Possible_Tomorrow : you gotta be at LEAST a 7th degree to become a master
    2GentleGiants : you's are just envious dat youll never reach master
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    2GentleGiants : and by the way i train 5 times a week
    solidman82 : I will admit that I'll never reach master
    8Lickin_SeanOΉaires_balls has left the conversation.
    solidman82 : and I'm proud of it
    2GentleGiants : plus a have a class to teach inbetween
    solidman82 : cause that means that I'll always be able to get better
    blinkybear32 : hey you can train 5 nights a week and still be no good
    solidman82 : I train 8 times a week
    Possible_Tomorrow : Let me guess
    solidman82 : so what?
    Possible_Tomorrow : twice on sundays?
    Possible_Tomorrow :
    Possible_Tomorrow : lol
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    ironshirt : master one's self not master the art
    solidman82 : actually 9 time
    blinkybear32 : hey very true iron
    Possible_Tomorrow : Yes Mr. Miyagi
    2GentleGiants : you idiots! mastery means that its a title given after you have reached a high level in tae kwon do. its a title just like Dr.
    solidman82 : 3 times monday wednesday
    solidman82 : 1 tuseday thursday
    8LuVaGurL_808 has left the conversation.
    solidman82 : once on friday
    Possible_Tomorrow : I know what you meant, Giant
    8Robbie_Lawlerś_chick™ has joined the conversation.
    8Possible_Tomorrow has made Robbie_Lawlerś_chick™ a Participant.
    2GentleGiants : yeah.... so why you dissin me?
    Possible_Tomorrow : But 4th dan isn't anywhere near master
    Robbie_Lawlerś_chick™ : well gee thanxs, a participent
    Possible_Tomorrow : well, it shouldn't be
    2GentleGiants : it is
    Possible_Tomorrow : that's not long enough in any art
    Possible_Tomorrow : ESPECIALLY not TKD
    2GentleGiants : 4th dan= master
    solidman82 : hold on a sec
    blinkybear32 : normally 6 and above is master title
    blinkybear32 : in tkd
    2GentleGiants : 6th dan = grandmaster
    blinkybear32 : nope
    Robbie_Lawlerś_chick™ : well wheres the party
    blinkybear32 : 9th above
    2GentleGiants : you are all wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Possible_Tomorrow : In my pants, chick
    8Drunken-monkey13 has joined the conversation.
    Possible_Tomorrow : now get in 'em
    Robbie_Lawlerś_chick™ : lol, haha
    Possible_Tomorrow :
    8solidman82 has made Drunken-monkey13 a Participant.
    Drunken-monkey13 : bows in
    2GentleGiants : ive been doing tkd for 15 years!
    blinkybear32 : hey wouldnt it depend on the style u study
    2GentleGiants : dont argue with me
    solidman82 : I've been doing it for a year and a half
    solidman82 : what's your point>?
    Robbie_Lawlerś_chick™ : no u get out of 'em
    2GentleGiants : that your trying to tell me that im wrong
    solidman82 : and it doesn't matter how often you train
    blinkybear32 : and obviously after 15 years u havent learnt too much then about respect
    solidman82 : or intelligence
    2GentleGiants : i am in the police data base, regestered as a wepon.
    solidman82 : oooh
    2GentleGiants : thats what happens once you become a master
    solidman82 : I have a stick in the police data base registered as a weapon
    solidman82 : how great is my stick?
    Possible_Tomorrow : LMAO
    solidman82 : is it a master?
    2GentleGiants : to get to mastery in tkd it takes 10 years minimum!
    ironshirt : lmao
    solidman82 : my stick is 10 years old
    8Robbie_Lawlerś_chick™ has left the conversation.
    Possible_Tomorrow : Well, if it's your giant canada-mexico schlong you're talking about
    2GentleGiants : **** you asshole (solidman82
    Possible_Tomorrow : yeah, it is pretty fuckin' dangerous
    solidman82 : it's been in stick-do all it's life
    2GentleGiants : but you cant carry around a stick every where you go
    Drunken-monkey13 : yes u can
    Drunken-monkey13 : lol
    ironshirt : twinkie
    2GentleGiants : my hands and legs however are a different story
    2GentleGiants : no you cant
    2GentleGiants : dont be an idiot
    ironshirt :
    solidman82 : the police are never gonna stop you for having a walking stick
    Drunken-monkey13 : who me?
    2GentleGiants : SMACKABRAIN!
    2GentleGiants : no not you
    Drunken-monkey13 : k
    Drunken-monkey13 : lol
    2GentleGiants : yes yes you
    Drunken-monkey13 : aaaaaah
    Drunken-monkey13 : well mr dynomite
    ironshirt : mr??
    Drunken-monkey13 : i do have telescopic nunchaks
    solidman82 : so do the police apprehend you if they see you walking down the street?
    Drunken-monkey13 : carry them around
    Drunken-monkey13 : all the time
    2GentleGiants : so do i, who dosent
    solidman82 : or do they not veiw you as a very destructive weapon?
    Drunken-monkey13 : lol
    2GentleGiants : thats just dumb
    2GentleGiants : no..............
    solidman82 : well they must think you're pretty weak if they wouldn't even do any thing about you walking around in publin
    solidman82 : public*
    2GentleGiants : if by any chance i am involved in a big mess
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    2GentleGiants : thean i am considered as a wepon
    solidman82 : so it's assault with a weapon?
    2GentleGiants : that is why i have to avoid when im given ****
    solidman82 : wow! I wish I was a master so I could get extra police chrages!!!!!!!!
    Possible_Tomorrow : LMAO
    blinkybear32 : lol @ solid
    solidman82 : man why am I not training right now?
    blinkybear32 : as they say a legend in there own
    8CrAzY®™ is away.
    8ironshirt is away.
    solidman82 : or.........not
    2GentleGiants : hey solidman, your a looser and if i ever recognised you by any chance on the street id break your legs
    2GentleGiants : b i a t c h
    blinkybear32 : ohh grow up giant
    2GentleGiants : funny
    2GentleGiants : im the oldest here
    solidman82 : 2GentleGiants : that is why i have to avoid when im given ****
    2GentleGiants : you tiny boppers
    solidman82 : you're such a hypocrite
    Possible_Tomorrow : Uhh
    blinkybear32 : and u call yourself a martial arts hrmmp
    Possible_Tomorrow : hello, moron?
    Possible_Tomorrow : It's TEENY bopper
    Possible_Tomorrow : dumbfuck
    blinkybear32 : lol
    Possible_Tomorrow : also
    solidman82 : giants...
    Possible_Tomorrow : along the dumbfuck line
    solidman82 : I love you man
    Possible_Tomorrow : you wouldn't do **** to us
    solidman82 : you've totally made my day!
    Possible_Tomorrow : because if you did, it would be another police charge
    2GentleGiants : no i meant tiny bopper
    Possible_Tomorrow : and you yourself told us you didn't want that
    2GentleGiants : as in small, minute, irrelivant
    Possible_Tomorrow : Well, you're STILL a dumbfuck for the above reason
    blinkybear32 : lol
    ironshirt :
    Possible_Tomorrow : well, if that's what you mean
    Possible_Tomorrow : you should've said incosequential peon
    solidman82 : wow you got so pissed off about something so "small,minute,irrelivant"
    blinkybear32 : yeah i know iron gettin sick n tired of the same ole ****
    Possible_Tomorrow : but, like I've mentioned, you're a dumbfuck
    Possible_Tomorrow : so you wouldn't know what those words meant
    Drunken-monkey13 : lol
    solidman82 : I can't believe that I've had a master stick in my house for all this time!!
    Possible_Tomorrow : LMAO
    8ironshirt has returned.
    CrAzY®™ : Welcome back ironshirt Hope you had a good holiday while you were away!!!
    solidman82 : and to think I've been using it to clean the drain-gutter
    2GentleGiants : so how much times you come on the internet again, possible?
    ironshirt : yes i did
    blinkybear32 : if we where true martial artist and true to the art people wouldnt be arguing over it...but hey beats a boring night in
    ironshirt : g - twinkie
    Possible_Tomorrow : all the time, Giant
    2GentleGiants : boring night in. man im just waiting for my ride to clubbing
    Possible_Tomorrow : when I'm not working or training, that is
    solidman82 : and we care why?
    solidman82 : are you gonna go get arrested?
    Drunken-monkey13 : lol
    blinkybear32 : lo, @ solid
    blinkybear32 : lo
    blinkybear32 : lol
    ironshirt : hey b what's up
    2GentleGiants : proves my point
    solidman82 : what point?
    solidman82 : I didn't see a point?
    2GentleGiants : you on the internet all the time. that makes you a geek
    blinkybear32 : not much iron expect i cant spell
    2GentleGiants : a looser
    2GentleGiants : a nobody
    solidman82 : oooh he's breakin' out the 3rd grade names now
    2GentleGiants : with no friends
    Possible_Tomorrow : LMAO
    solidman82 : run!!!
    ironshirt : oh computer retarded i'm the same
    blinkybear32 : lol
    Possible_Tomorrow : I have more friends that you could shake that goddamn "master" foot at
    2GentleGiants : apar for his wish to somday kick someones ass
    2GentleGiants : well buddy, keep on dreaming
    ironshirt draws sword and cuts 2g to bits
    solidman82 : or a master stick
    Possible_Tomorrow : sure, you'd kick my ass if I ever tried to start **** with you
    Drunken-monkey13 thinks this is going nowhere
    Possible_Tomorrow : but I've got friends that would wipe the motherfuckin floor with you
    blinkybear32 : yeah your right monkey
    Drunken-monkey13 : ty
    Drunken-monkey13 : lol
    blinkybear32 :
    solidman82 : this is going nowhere but isn't it fun?
    2GentleGiants : funny guy (dry)
    Drunken-monkey13 has other defenitions on wurd fun
    solidman82 : lookit the widdle weapon........
    2GentleGiants : so if i pulled out a 9millimeter... i gues they would still wip the floor with me huh?
    solidman82 : isn't he so cute when he's angwy.......
    Drunken-monkey13 : lol
    blinkybear32 : lol
    ironshirt : lol
    solidman82 : isn't that assualt with a weapon......from a weapon?
    ironshirt : lol
    2GentleGiants : yip
    2GentleGiants : but who said i shot it
    2GentleGiants : dumb ass
    ironshirt : ok who has a joke
    blinkybear32 : awwww see how tough people are with words especially when there miles apart from on another
    Drunken-monkey13 : yep
    2GentleGiants : its an assult after you actualy shoot some one wit it
    solidman82 : (chuckles).....(ass)
    Possible_Tomorrow : lol
    Possible_Tomorrow : assault with a weapon from a weapon
    Possible_Tomorrow : lol
    solidman82 : 2GentleGiants : that is why i have to avoid when im given ****
    solidman82 : 2GentleGiants : that is why i have to avoid when im given shit2GentleGiants : that is why i have to avoid when im given shit2GentleGiants : that is why i have to avoid when im given shit2GentleGiants : that is why i have to avoid when im given shit2Gentle
    solidman82 : 2GentleGiants : that is why i have to avoid when im given shit2GentleGiants : that is why i have to avoid when im given shit2GentleGiants : that is why i have to avoid when im given shit2GentleGiants : that is why i have to avoid when im given shit2Gentle
    Possible_Tomorrow : LMAO
    solidman82 : you are full of ****
    ironshirt : lmao
    2GentleGiants : im actual more like 2000 miles away from any of you guys
    solidman82 : it's fun
    Possible_Tomorrow : that's why he has to avoid it, solid
    Possible_Tomorrow : because he can't hold anymore
    Possible_Tomorrow : if he gets anymore ****, he'd explode
    solidman82 : yeah....I guess you can't get too much ****
    solidman82 : you might overflow
    Possible_Tomorrow : and *boom* there goes the ozone layer
    Possible_Tomorrow : lol
    blinkybear32 : lol
    2GentleGiants : true, true
    solidman82 : hell it could be the 2nd big bang
    Possible_Tomorrow : LMAO
    2GentleGiants : what eva makes you happy
    solidman82 : this does make me happy
    8CheckeredCarnival has joined the conversation.
    blinkybear32 : like who gives a rats ass just how far away u are giant
    8CheckeredCarnival has left the conversation.
    2GentleGiants : takin it up da ass from yo mom
    Drunken-monkey13 : lmao
    solidman82 : what?
    solidman82 : that didn't make any sense
    2GentleGiants : you heard me
    blinkybear32 : ohh your such a big man
    2GentleGiants : yes it did
    2GentleGiants : dumb ass
    solidman82 : but it didn't
    solidman82 : I guess your mom is just a herm
    2GentleGiants : it, makes you happy by takin it up da ass by yo mom
    Possible_Tomorrow : See?
    solidman82 : so you would by default think everyone else's mom is like that
    Possible_Tomorrow : now THAT made sense
    blinkybear32 : lol
    2GentleGiants : nop
    2GentleGiants : its just dat yo mom is a hephrodite
    2GentleGiants : got tits and a dick
    solidman82 : see what I mean?
    solidman82 : and it's hermaphrodite idiot
    2GentleGiants : awwwwww. poor baby
    2GentleGiants : aint gonna get any tonight
    2GentleGiants : from yo mum
    2GentleGiants : lol
    blinkybear32 : and ya think u gonna
    blinkybear32 : dont think so chum
    solidman82 : I guess I'll just have to find you mom
    2GentleGiants : bro
    2GentleGiants : ill call my gf and shell cum runin
    blinkybear32 : what with a bag on her head
    solidman82 : no two bags
    blinkybear32 : lol
    solidman82 : one for if the first one falls off
    blinkybear32 : hehe
    2GentleGiants : as for you, you can say anythin you want to say you will still be a dumb ass and a looser and most of all a dreamer.
    solidman82 : who's you?
    82GentleGiants has left the conversation.
    blinkybear32 : awww the child has left the building
    solidman82 : LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    way too long...

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    UGGGGHHH!!! Why did that 2G have to say he was a TKD...Damn! I was so close in getting everyone convinced that not all TKD=McDojo and then Ronald McDonald, himself, had to post in a chat room.

    Let me break this down to you all. In TKD you have several titles, Asst. Instructor, Instructor, Master, Grandmaster. 1st dan is usually an Asst. Instructor, 2nd and 3rd Dan considered and Instructor, 4th dan is considered a Master (however that is like a really baby master). Grandmaster is given at 6th or 7th dan. Now, understand that this is much like military. Prvt, Sgt, Lt, Col...etc. It is nothing more than time in the arts.

    The guy in the Chatroom has let it go to his head. PLEASE, for the love of whatever you hold sacred, do not let this man represent TKD.

    Jeremy M. Talbott
    Jeremy M. Talbott

    Quote Originally Posted by Phrost
    "Bullshido isn't just a place to hang out when you're browsing the net. We really are trying to accomplish something fucking extraordinary here that nobody's ever had the balls to do before."
    Quote Originally Posted by D.Murray
    "Which is better, to learn the truth, or to enjoy the illusion of being right when you are not?"
    Quote Originally Posted by hangooknamja88 View Post
    My definition of Ki is our energy. it's rather hard to explain it in words. It's not some mystical type of energy like white people...


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    after reading so much, one thing is clear:
    2g does not have enough experience in verbal sparring.

    it's a pity 2g gets pissy with kids.

    it's may be understandable why some people would say "u are a master only at 9th grade!".
    The statement might be reflective of how slack their grading system is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 777
    2g does not have enough experience in verbal sparring.
    Verbal Judo training could help. :new_argue

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    nice avatar there king of seals :P

    lol, verbal judo does sound interesting as an idea (and i seriously think some people needs it).
    so if some langual talent starts such a curriculum today, i wonder if 1 century later, will his descendants claim it to be a "practical art proven to keep u atop the internet world of verbal assaults".

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    Let me break this down to you all. In TKD you have several titles, Asst. Instructor, Instructor, Master, Grandmaster. 1st dan is usually an Asst. Instructor, 2nd and 3rd Dan considered and Instructor, 4th dan is considered a Master (however that is like a really baby master). Grandmaster is given at 6th or 7th dan. Now, understand that this is much like military. Prvt, Sgt, Lt, Col...etc. It is nothing more than time in the arts.
    Interesting to know how TKD ranks work...I've always assumed (foolishly, it would seem) that the ranks in my style are somehow universal to everything.

    How long does it usually take to take the next dan test in TKD? From 2nd to 3rd, for example.

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    I've had it explained to me that the "master" designation is simply the closest English translation from a Korean title that accompanies that rank (4th dan), but the word "master" over here carries a different connotation than the title is intended to, coming across as self-aggrandizing. Unfortunately, all to often the recipient doesn't understand this either, and it obviously gets to his/her head like this.

    Besides, anyone who is referred to as a "master" is not beyond self-improvement or learning new things. I think it has more to do with mastery over the learning process, to the point that you can teach yourself through practice and as a consequence create "new" knowledge. It doesn't even mean that you are above lessons from other people. Anyone we could consider "masters" of the scientific process still collaberate and learn from each other.

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    Well said. My Sensei is a 7th dan, out of nine. Six through nine are considered the "Master" ranks. The first thing he says to every new student while he teaches them the first kata, "Don't try to get the kataperfect, just get the steps down for now. The more you do it, the more you'll understand it. Heck, I'm still working on it myself."

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    Competing with the most useless thread bump ever.
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