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    Quote Originally Posted by hoodedmonk
    soulasasion who cares if it it real or fake monkey kung fu.....IT'S MONKEY KUNG FU! do you really see yourself hoping around and makeing monkey faces it a real fight? Good god man! there might be chics watching.It's bad enough getting youre ass kicked no sense looking ridiculos in the process.
    Actually if some guy started hopping around making monkey noises and flinging feces I would think that would be pretty damn funny. Does YOUR martial art teach you the "anti-poo", I think not.

    Seriously though.

    The only way to really tell is to go there and cross hands with the guy. Not challenge him, but take an introductory class and see what he's about. Resist everything he does and if he gets fumbled then his stuff doesn't work.

    Who cares if it was originated by some historical "monkey" guiy or it came from megilla gorilla.

    So long as the class is legit- and the training is then its ok. I'm sure they will put thier "best foot" forward but make sure they train with resistance and ask about sparring.

    If you have gone as far as to post a website link then a simple call to the school followed by a visit will answer your questions.

    He should be demonstrating stuff ON you when you go and even if you don't know much about MA you should get an idea from common sense.

    I've always felt the easiest and best way is to just go and check it out. Sure, It helps to not get fooled by an unscrupulous TMA teacher by a huge amount if you have some background in sportative MAs. If not then the very fact that you are on bullshido and asking this here shows your skepticism is in the right place.

    Let them prove thier worth as a school to you.
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    Megilla Gorilla? Come on everyone knows that Grape Ape had the real monkey kung-fu!

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    those were gorillas! I'm thinking more along the lines of curious george.

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    i dont think i could keep a straight face if someone said to me they were doing 'angry monkey kung fu'. but if it has real sparring then whatever i guess. i dont know.

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    "Supposely , Sifu was selective of students admit to the angry monkey class, due to the rigorous stretching and workouts ( Personally, Kyokushin was more rigorous). I was offered admittance..."

    Yes... because (let me guess), you were one of those "special" people who were "worthy" of joining... just, please make sure your checks clear on time.

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    Yeah there is a duck kung fu style wasn't that on dragons of the orient, I think I saw an old guy walk around flapping and bobbing his head up and down

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