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    Lieutenant X tries to capitalize on VA Tech massacre

    A press release from Chris Pizzo, infamously known as "Lt. X" and purveyor of Bullshido.

    Pizzo/X attempts to get notice and attention by giving college students and parents his videos for free.

    The most nauseating part of it:

    Pizzo is fully confident that someone with a minimal amount of training could have stopped gunman Cho Seung-hui, the 23-year-old English major from South Korea who killed 30 people on April 16th.


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    Wow, I wish we could stop this guy.

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    He certainly has his asshole-fu down pat.

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    I dead a little inside, I actually thought about this a today, if he will say something about this....

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    What a sick asshole.
    ..and, you can see he is a Dr. Evil wannabe from all the " " he uses.

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    A thought occurs to me as I sit here choking back vomit....

    How many of the students in the classrooms WERE martial artists? It's a figure I'd like to know. I've been training for a few years now, and I don't know what I would do if confronted by a crazed gunman in tight quarters like a classroom. Especially if he walks in and shoots without saying anything. I'm sure the military/LE guys would keep their cool, but I'm a regular joe with regular BS worries that preoccupy my mind.

    I doubt Lt. Jerkoff's training methods would have benefitted me at all in this situation...and the Kung Fu/Judo stuff I do probably wouldn't have helped me either. The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that Military/LE training is some of the only stuff that can truly mentally prepare a person for a scenario like this.

    I'm rambling. Sorry. This thing hit a note inside me, made me question alot of the self defense stuff I practice...and Pizzo's asinine comments didn't make it better.

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    what a **** bastard

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    It all comes down to this..

    "If you comply, then you will die."

    This simply means that if you assume that you cant do anything about your situation, then you have lost.
    I doubt that any type of training could have helped in this particular instance. If he just walked in and started shooting then all you can do is duck for cover. Now if he was walking around in the classroom shooting, then something could have been at least attempted.

    However, the VAST majority of people in the US simply give in to the demands of terrorists, thugs, and what have you because they are ingrained with the idea that he who holds the gun, holds the power.
    Its more like he who holds the gun, is overconfident.

    I'm not saying that I would have had the prescence of mind to have done anything either, during the initial attack (had I been in the room he started shooting in), but it seems that some students took the initiative and barricaded the door (in and adjacent room) thus saving their lives.

    Lt. X is a piece of scum for a few reasons.
    1. Trying to make a buck off of this tragedy [tragedy doesnt really describe it though] by capitalizing on the fears of people
    2. Selling them bullshit hope and pipe dreams of self defense abilities.

    The sad part is, he will make a mint off of this. I work almost daily on the University of Memphis Campus, and you can see the fear and paranoia there.
    People will look for something to give them SOME piece of mind, and sadly many will go for the "quick fix" solutions of Lt. X

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    Yeah, I think there is a problematic assumption that compliance with criminals will result in safety. There are situations in which that is the case, and there are situations in which it isn't. It's usually clear which is which, too, though in some cases (like plane hijackings) it's not.

    In situations where it's clear that the only thing the attacker wants is a high body count, resistance is preferable to passivity. When the attacker wants something else (which is usually something that can be figured out contextually) compliance is probably the best option (assuming the attacker is armed). That's the difference between a school shooting and a hostage situation.

    So, don't try to turn the tables on muggers; they generally won't kill you. DO try to turn the tables on terrorists/school shooters. They will try to kill you no matter what you do.

    Of course, knowing that and doing it are two completely different things. I can say with significant certainty that I wouldn't be any braver than the VA Tech victims if actually faced with an armed assailant.

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    If he weren't a fake, I wouldn't have a problem with it. I have a good friend in Utah who owns Fuzzy Bunny Movie Guns (Google FBMG) and he offers free Utah CCW classes to anyone with a current university ID. I don't see a problem with that; his training is real and he doesn't claim to offer anything but a fighting chance.

    Lt. X is a fake, so that doesn't apply to him.

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