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    Titan Fitness in State College?

    So, I have a friend who recently decided she wanted to get into boxing. Knowing about my MA background she asked me a couple of questions about training. Questions about whether she has the personality for it I was able to handle. She's a bit prissy by nature but she's an athlete who can dedicate herself to tasks compulsively. But that's beside the point.

    We eventually got to where she should train. She's moving to the State College area of PA soon, and I'm not horribly familiar with the area. The only gym I could find in the area was called Titan Fitness. The website ( http://www.titanfitness.com/ ) seemed to be on the up and up. I found the use of chinese titles and ranks in a gym that trains boxing, muay thai, and mma to be strange, to say the least. But it could mean anything from an eclectic background to a strange sense of irony on the part of the instructor/owner. And even if the website seemed perfect, it's no substitute for actually seeing the place.

    So, as she is new and would not know what to look for when she sees the place, and I might not be able to get down there to check it out, does anyone know anything about the place? Experience there? Rumors about people who work there? A thread on BS my initial search missed?

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    Titan is very legit from what I've seen. I've considered driving the 2+ hours to train there. Unfortunately, I remain lazy and therefore ... stay where I'm at


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