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    Fitness Weight Training

    I checked this book out of my local library. I intend to give a full review eventually. For now, here is a review at ExRx.

    It basically is a set of 3 different workouts programs, 1 for strength, 1 for tone, and 1 for shape.

    It has a great deal of calculations to determine your 1 rep max based on height and bodyweight, although if you weigh over 175lbs, it tells you to calculate from there. I am on the third week of the strength program, although weeks 1 and 2 I only did 2 out of 3 workouts. Each workout gives you options for Free weights, machines or some bodyweight exercise for each movement

    Sample workout:

    Week 3 & 4 workout
    Jog/Skip rope for 5 minutes
    Bench Press 12-15
    Lat Pulldown 12-15
    Standing Press 12-15
    Dumbbell Curl 12-15
    Tricep Pushdown 12-15
    Squat 12-15
    Crunches 12-15

    Complete circuit two times, rest 30 seconds between exercise.

    5 minutes light jog/walk


    Weeks 1&2 were as above, but only 1 circuit, weeks 5&6 are as above, but with 2 sets of each exercise rather than 2 circuits, and 2nd set is 5-10lbs heavier. More crunches are added.

    I don't have the book in front of me, but I do believe that this is a 37 week schedule, further down the line it goes away from full body workouts in favor of muscle groups.

    It also advocates not to try to do too much cardio on your off days, but I've been running intervals/going to kung fu as well.

    Bench Press

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    Sounds pretty useless.

    Thanks for warning us.



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