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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Avenshine
    Of course I would like to see the title of this thread disappear as I sincerely believe that my dojang is far from being a McDojo. But I'll leave that to the powers that be as I certainly (until I can prove otherwise) was being a dumb-ass.
    It could be a lot worse: your name could be spelled wrong. :smile:

    Or, you could be accused of teaching your students Nazism/bigotry:
    And, to make that thread even stupider: my family is interracial, I am of Jewish heritage, I don't have students, and I'm not an instructor. Sheesh.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Auvenshine
    ARRRRRGGG! Some of the posts were from yesterday! How did I not see those? I could have shut up and not brought my personal life into such focus. I think since all I did was look for all posts by me and answered them without actually clicking on "forums."??? Anyway, I'm an idiot....:)
    Don't worry about it. Most people tend to respect others who act human as opposed to those who try to act invincible. Besides, I suspect many felt your initial posting style was more because you were set off by the preconceived notions regarding the gentleman in the wheelchair.

    I feel you explained what goes on at your school quite well even through your expressed umbrage/idiocy. All you did by clarifying your frame of mind is let people know more about yourself, your school, and why you might be slightly more than touchy than usual.

    By the way, you may want to make review listing for your school:

    Quote Originally Posted by chingythingy
    3) Multi-market level contracts, which involve getting more money out of people, upgrading contracts to "black belt clubs", "masters clubs", etc. Locking people in to long contracts with no recourse.
    3) Long-term contracts are a form of fear. Put action into developing your service and the back end will take care of itself.

    From Bill's postings in various threads, #3 is an entirely moot point since it appears he is already well above board in this department.
    Calm down, it's only ones and zeros.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Kagan
    From Bill's postings in various threads, #3 is an entirely moot point since it appears he is already well above board in this department.
    Point taken - thanks for the clarification.

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