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    Sanshou and Wushu Center

    Like I said in the synopsis. Although The place is a little small for wushu(which I do as well), but great for sanshou. Good curriculum, good motivation as well as excellent conditioning. The wushu helps alot with flexibility and is very fun to learn. It helps my tricking too(Martial arts tricks and flips). Overrall, a joy to go and train. I could probably spend my whole day there.

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    where is the school located? (city,. state?)
    what is a typical san shou class like? (what is drilled, how many rounds?)
    what is the record of the fight team in general?
    who coaches the san shou program?
    if someone different, who coaches the wushu program?
    who teaches the grappling, and what sort of grappling program is being taught?
    how do the students do in grappling competition?
    what are the wu shu classes like?
    how has the school done in wushu competition?

    with a "10" in striking instruction and a "9" in grappling, we would expect to hear that students from this place have been winning local tournaments and at least placing in national ones, so either you have scored your own school a little on the high side, or this is one amazing place.
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