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    Forgive my uninformed opinion,

    but unless you only type one handed,

    This can't be good for it.
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    Others will be happy to do it for you. :evil6:

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    Quote Originally Posted by OZZ
    Yeah, it was the attending physician. He even sent me for a second x ray afterwards to ensure it was done right.

    they didn't even x-ray mine, +1 for socialized health care. :lol:

    I went to catch a kick, caught it with my pinky, and looked on in as it was not sitting right. Drove myself to the ER (short throw stick in my old supra). I almost went without anesthesia to get it set.

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    FFF - I am doing ok just typing without using three fingers of my left hand..

    As far as anesthesia goes..I don't have time for that. A quick pull and it was back in place..I just wanted to get the hell out of there and get home.He asked me if I wanted to freeze it, but I figured it couldn't hurt all that bad to re set it without freezing because it was such a small joint. It really didn't hurt that much.
    Free health care is nice, but it can take a while sometimes. By the time you leave emerg you are very hungry...
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