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I think TKD has you guys on the McDojos, though CMA probably has more true Bullshido in the claims the instructors make. Everywhere I've been in the US I can find half a dozen TKD schools, for every CMA school.
TKD = King of the McDojos! TAE KWON DAYCARE!
in china it was wu shu schools that weree the MCDojo. Everywhere was offered killing blows in 6 months or a free lama (they never gave me the 2 lamas i deserved for my mostly wasted time) they will claim everything form this was a famous place where (so and so obscure semi famous) kung fu guy trained once or we have secret techniques no one else offered (until you go to the local park at 6 am and watch the crazies and the master you were talking to training with the craziest one of the bunch)

for some reason i dont feel as bad if it were Kung Fu Daycare probally because when you go pick him up the kid will be tired of carying water and will not be saying something like "why?" as much.

PS i am a noob here

Empty flower said i was a joke
martial arts planet said i know what i am talking about (i dont)
YMMA i did not understan because i did not have my big 5 translator on

and here i am just a noob
i like that