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    On a related note, here's a short highlight video from a 1986 Chinese leitei competition in Chengdu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackrusher
    On a related note, here's a short highlight video from a 1986 Chinese leitei competition in Chengdu.
    jack, those are some great clips, and we have seen them on here before (but not in quite that version.) in fact i think that they are some of the better clips of full contact TCMA that we have seen on the site.

    i wish i could get ahold of the complete footage, as those clips merely whet my appetite.

    i especially want to see the full fight where the one guy gets up points at his opponent and then falls down with the delayed KO... it's obviously the REAL iron palm in action!!!
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    I don't know the name for it, but the throw where you catch a front kick and put your shoulder under their leg while facing away and shoulder throw them is one of the scariest throws to have happen to you.

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    I looked all you guys talking. Why not participate one of Shawn Liu's US Open challenge, Sanshou Smoker in Atlanta on September 23rd this year. He probably holds it at his 7000 square feet school in Norcross, GA. Cung Le went to his 1994 official US Open Sanshou touranment before he went to train with him in Mobile, AL.

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    Shawn Liu (his Shaolin Temple name: Shi Deru) has a picture of him doing the same throw you guys talked about. He was throwing this guy over his head. It was on one of the Kungfu magazines I saw on the internet with Cung Le in it. I believe it was called Sanshou special published in 1997.

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    You guys need to check his new school out. He opened it in May this year. I drove 8 hours to get there. He and his students did a big demonstration despite the rain and Swine flue. I saw a guy flying all the way from a British Island. He just wanted to witness the true Shaolin Demo. Master Liu told me that his school is focusing on authentic Shaolin tradition and well.

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