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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex
    You ARE aware that he beat Oscar right?
    Lol. Yes, he squeaked out a victory by running. Personally I had the fight scored a draw...

    If you watch a replay of the fight you can see it in Floyd's eyes though every time Oscar skipped a hook off his shoulder or head, he was really scared about getting tagged.

    Floyd's always at the top of his game when people try and box him in the middle of the ring or counterpunch him. He is obviously not comfortable when people bully him into the ropes, which will happen when he fights Hatton and it is what would happen if he fought a good MMAer. That's all I was saying.

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    News flash hatton fans - Oscar hits 3 times as hard as ricky could ever dream of punching

    I dont blame Mayweathe who came in fight night weighing only 148 pounds not wanting to trade with a opponent who had to drop mucho weight to make 154 - a guy who came down from middleweight - and has been known to have one punch KO power his whole in both hands his whole career

    simply put you dont stand and trade with a power puncher who outweighs you by 20 pounds come fight night

    hatton has shown NO power at any weight above 140 - he is a pressure fighter - im not impressed that he can beat good fighters at the end of their careers - he is too slow - and not skilled enough to compete with mayweather imo

    his face will look like hamburger meat come round 5

    he has no chance - he knows it - which is why he has run from the fight the last two times he was offered it

    the first time as we all can recall he simply said he wasnt ready - said he would need to years - the second time he demanded 13 million (lol) and for the fight to be in england

    now he says he is ready and will fight him anytime anywhere - mayweather has accepted...lets see if he dicktucks and runs for manchester again


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