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    I hang my gloves from the washing line and just let them air.

    I once weashed a (shitty) pair of leather gloves in the washing machine. The next time I looked at them they were covered in fungus. =/

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    How to Clean Boxing Gloves:

    Step 1. Put them in the freezer overnight.
    Step 2. Freezing or drying will not kill all bacteria, as many go into a dormant stage.
    Step 3. A better idea yet is to put the gloves in a plastic bag before putting them in the freezer.
    Step 4. Let them dry completely after use.
    Step 5. Spray them with Anti-Bacterial spray.
    Step 6. Avoid putting them in your Gym Bag.

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    I sprinkle baking soda in them.
    You get some stuck in your fingernails for a while afterwards, but who cares ? Its just baking soda and it gets rid of the odor better than anything else I've tried.
    Obviously, don't leave them in your gym bag after a work out. I leave mine on a windowsill or outside if possible to air out after going to the gym.
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