Its not very common to see groundfighting in CMA. My teacher at this time is the only person I've met that knows groundfighting in CMA. Some of it is mixed in with the Mongolian groundfighting but I have't asked which techniques are CMA. I know that some of the leg techniques are from a kung-fu style. Also some gnp strikes from the mount that are from a monkey style.

There is one style that has techniques and drills that apply to both standing up and on the ground. Sticky hands drills are setup to pull off locks. One technique looks like an overhook applied to the elbow works well standing up, for initiating a takedown, and when applied from the mount.

A kung-fu style that has either Tibetan or Chinese origins has takedowns and groundfighting. The groundfighting is nasty where an arm is grabbed while in one mount position and switched to another mount position (ie side mount to N-S). There is some rolling and pouncing as well. All of the techniques I've seen are from mount positions only. What is interesting is that fundamental principles used standing up are applied on the ground.

Those were just examples of CMA styles that have groundfighting. I've also been able to apply some techniques from standup kung-fu styles on the ground. So I do think that standup techniques can be applied on the ground but you have to be comfortable working in the positions and have specific training in a groundfighting style to pull the techniques off. A person with no groundfighting experience/training that tries to apply standup stuff on the ground is SOL.