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    What would you think of somebody saying, oh, I'm not really trying to develop a complete BJJ game, I just want to borrow some good, solid basic BJJ submissions?

    Go ask your coach to teach you how to do some standup grappling and judo throws, don't bother with the websites. If he's got good standup, it shouldn't be a problem. Otherwise, just focus on your BJJ until you can get to a judo school. It's easier to hurt yourself standup crappling than ground crappling but just as hard, if not harder to learn without good instruction. Without proper instruction one way or another, you've got a mess waiting to happen.

    Guantanamo Bay plz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by actionfaad
    I'm not trying to develop a complete judo game, I just want to borrow some good, solid basic judo throws. I just assumed that my coach could help me. I've only got another 5 weeks in this state so I can't really start at a judo school anytime soon. After mid june i'll be in boot camp so i'm just trying to get a few good throws down.

    Sorry dude, but it's just not that easy. A good example is the jab/cross punching combo. I can show you how to do it properly in about 5 minutes, but to do it properly against a fully resisting opponent is another thing entirely. Just being shown a couple of basic Judo throws does not mean you'll be able to pull them off against an opponent. I've been taking Judo 2 to 3 days a week for just over a year and I can still barely pull anything off in Randori. Unless I'm facing a complete noob that is.

    Besides, if you take the time to get some proper Judo instruction you'll also learn how to take a fall which most BJJ guys need desperately.

    Good luck in boot camp by the way. :icon_thum
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