I'm starting a 12 week personal training course on Monday and i get to use all of the facilities at the gym. Since it's an intensive course that requires a fair bit of home study my martial arts training is going to be pretty limited so i want to use my time at the gym to focus on my conditioning and strength.

Can anybody make some suggestions as to the sort of exercises/lifts that would be most beneficial to me over this 12 week period. I want to improve strength, speed and explosiveness as well as my cardio. I'm guessing a lot of compund exercises would be good including squats, deadlifts, cleans etc. What sort of reps/sets should i be looking at?

I'm looking at being able to fit in a 40 minute workout in the morning and a 30-40 minute workout at lunchtime too. I'll be there monday to friday.

I'll have access to all the usual weights and cardio equipment, plus a 25m pool and also a rock climbing machine, which is like a large vertical treadmill with the rubber blocks that you use to climb. I thought that could come in quite handy as an unorthodox training method.

I haven't lifted weights in over 8 months.