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    Huntington Beach Ultimate Training Center

    I've been training at HBUTC for about 4 months now. This is one of the greatest gyms I've ever seen. It has everything from good trainers to exercise equipment for just about anything you need. Professional fighters such as Rob McCullough, and Tiki are some of the trainers at this facility.

    Yep, these guys are serious about what they do and aliveness is all a part of the game. There are sparring classes available everyday.

    They have everything from free weights, machine weights, grappling area, a ring, and an octagon.

    Gym size:
    Huge. Plenty of room for everyone and everything.

    Instructor/Student Ratio:
    Plenty of instructors for everyone.

    Everyone I've met so far has been really cool and nice. Very helpful and willing to answer any questions you have. I've yet to run into an asshole.

    Striking instruction:
    The instructors know what they're doing and pay attention to whether or not your performing techniques correctly or developing bad habits.

    Grappling instruction:
    Solid instruction usually from Waldormiro Perez Jr. I'm not sure what more to say since it's like any good grappling instruction which consists of drilling techniques and than some roll time.

    Weapons instruction:
    None that I know of. But then again I never bothered asking.
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