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    Quote Originally Posted by rsobrien
    If it seems close enough, I would definetly go here.
    They box and do judo. These guys did pretty good at a Sport Jiu Jitsu (think MMA lite) tournament I went to. I have also seen them at some Judo tournaments.
    Krystek Judo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larfox
    No, I've decided against the school. Thanks for the offer though.

    Edit: I've become undecided on where I want to train, and what style. I would like to cross-train Boxing, Judo and BJJ, but I just don't have the time or the money to do all of them.

    I would also like to improve on something that I could use for when I join the police force (it's looking like suffolk county at the moment), so I was thinking Judo. I have a passion for MMA, but I come from a Boxing backround. Striking isn't going to be that useful, except for maybe defense. I just love to throw.
    When I have extra money, I sign up for a month with this place-

    (There should be a link to their site in the review)

    One of the head instructors is a 2nd degree black belt in judo and a purple belt in BJJ under Matt Serra. The other guy is also a black belt in judo(not sure what degree). Both head instructors are experienced wrestlers as well, and bring that into the training. There are a few other black belts there too. They all help out newer guys as much as they can. It's $75 a month for two classes per week.

    If you're interested in boxing, there's a place called "Bulldog Boxing". I think they're in Merrick. I never went there to check it out, but I spoke to him over the phone. He charges $20 for a 20 minute private lesson. He said that he used to do longer sessions, but he found that his guys like the shorter lessons more, plus it saves them some money. He sounded really cool and best of all, legit. He came straight out and basically said, "Come check it out. If you like it, stay. If you don't, there are no contracts or anything so you don't have to stay." He said it was $100 per year for a membership to his gym to use the bags and what not. I plan on checking his place out when I have some extra money.

    Sounds like we're basically in the same boat. I'm taking the SCPD test in June as well. I'm hoping to either get on the Nassau or (preferably) Suffolk police force. It's really not worth it to be a city cop. **** pay and tons of crap to deal with. If not, I'm going to try and become a firefighter. Almost no one likes or wants to deal with the police. Who the hell doesn't like figefighters?

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    I'm taking the test next month also, I got the package last week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ojgsxr6
    lk2230, where do you train now? I've quit Enshin for good and I'm looking for a MT or low kick kickboxing gym, in the western Suffolk area.
    Unfortunately, I'm no longer on Long Island. I trained from 2003-2005 at Ray Longo's and had a great experience (his credentials present themselves: Matt Serra, Luke Cummo, Pete Sell, and so on.

    Now I'm in the city, doing a program at Columbia. I was out of physical commission for the first year and a half. Now I'm back it, training at NY San Da in Manhattan at 37 street between 8 and 9 avenue (they give a free class).

    I'v been back for 6 months and feel great. My condition is back to OK, my technique is great, and I'm starting to spar hardcore on a more regular basis.

    They gym is great. No more expensive than any other NYC gyms. Sifu is very very nice. though sometimes he needs his morning coffee. The gym is small and somwhat limited, but if you cant find what you need to train here, you need to rethink your training. Mat space, full fing, class area, boxing gloves, shin pads, thai pads, body pads, medicine balls, heavy pads, knee pads, tackling dummies; + all the usual for those who want to take the coursse for fitness and not combat.

    I realize this doesn't help you much if you are looking for the western Suffolk area. All I can say is that Ray Long is at mineola (maybe moving), and its inconvenient, but that distance is certainlly not undoable. If you are openminded and are willing to try more of the ground game, you are in luck. Nick Serra (brother of Matt, the UFC world champion and AbuDhabi champion) has a school in Huntington. I realize that is not the school you were looking for, but I suggest taking a class. You may end up liking it a lot.

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