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    Tiger/Crane Combination

    Epsom Martial Arts School - Nam Yang Pugalistic Association

    The head instructor Iain Armstrong is a Combat Magazine collumnist who has been training in the style of Tiger/Crane for about 25 years. Details of Iain's (and the club's) lineage can be found on the website.

    The empasis is on self development which includes learning to defend yourself, having a healthy sense of self esteem, self confidence (not cockyness). This can include entering competitions of various types or simply achieving a good standard of martial arts for oneself.

    The ages of people training varies from 3 to 78 and the association prides itself on offering something for everyone.

    Kung fu classes include both push and sticky hand training ensuring that the techniques and skills are tested against a non-complient opponent. The kickboxing classes naturally include sparring which varies in intesity according to the desire and experience of the student.

    The school is fully matted, with three hanging heavy bags, full compliment of traditional chinese weapons, crash mats, gravel/sand bags for conditioning, full compliment of gloves/pads/shields/groin guards/headguards etc. The school is located in a park so alot of training is done outdoors in good weather.

    Personally I've trained in alot of classes over the years (too many!) but I've never found an instructer as good as Iain or as well equiped a school. The standard is high so its hard to get complacent in your own abilities, especially if you do a variety of classes.
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    Ive trained with Iain on a few occasions and he is very impressive. The san shou team is good and is quite successfull, sparring is prevalent and well managed. They even do Dragon and lion dancing. And even better the school is located on a very nice field for outdoor training. Iain also does frequent weekend training camps, which are grueling.

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    A good school with some effective techniques and excellent instruction


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