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    How does "getting it" realte to controlling the kukan? Are they the same thing?

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    I'm guessing Zionist conspiracy?

    What do you think, Plasma?
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    Quote Originally Posted by spartan6
    I was waiting for that.

    The Bujinkan has far more in common with gnosticism then it does with combative training.

    It works upon notions of special election, revealed secrets, "transmitted knowledge" and the lone repository of the "True Knowledge" who is incapable of corruption because of his exaulted state of being.

    People who look at the Bujinkan as simply a martial arts phonemena are usually baffled by it, and rightly so. If you look at it as a kind of independent gnostic group that uses taijutsu as its primary "yoga" and which has many of the features, good and bad, that you commonly find within Guenonian Traditionalist groups its rationale and the behavior of its adherents makes considerably more sense. Ironically however the person who seems least interested in this particular element of the Bujinkan is the one most highly exaulted within it.

    As an aside, your sense of low, in Csikszentmihalyi 's sense, is not contingent upon Hatsumi Soke or anyone else. It is your own birthright as a human being and can be found in any activity you put your attention upon. If you think that state of awareness is tied to only one school, one activity or worst of all one teacher, you've abdicated one of the most powerful features of your own being and would do well to reclaim it as soon as you can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spartan6
    You know, that was well said. I know exactly what your getting at and i was about to share some more insights when i realised i shouldn't.

    I've shared enough. If you wan't to learn more find your own way.
    Make sure the Kool-Aid doesn't have any extra ingredients in it before you drink more of it. And people still wonder why we call the Bujinkan a cult ...

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