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    How often can I exercise.

    I recently backpacked from Georgia to Connecticut and during that time I hiked 20-25 miles a day with a 40 pound pack over mountains for four months. This was great for my legs but what little upper body I had just seemed to melt away and I'm trying to get myself back into shape. I'm not trying to bulk up at all I just want to be in good general shape. My routine has been

    Monday Wednesday Friday
    push ups 20x 3-4
    crunches 15x3
    curls 15lb 15x3
    pull ups 5x3
    one legged squats all the way down 5x5
    run/jog/sprint around the nieghborhood with my dog for 20-30 mins. No idea how much distance I cover

    I always exercise until I'm wiped and couldnt do another full set of anything but then the next day I feel comepletley fresh like I didn't even work out.I never have any signifigant muscle sorness or fatigue the next day and at the end of the day have loads of exess energy. I feel like I should be working out everyday but is it healthy? Should I just try to increase the intensity of my work outs or what?

    I'm 18 male 5'9 136lbs slim build around 4% BF when I first got back and probably a bit higher now if that matters.

    I also eat ALOT so I'm sure I'm getting enough calories to keep up with it. Hiking that much really messed with my body (I still loved every minute of it) and I'm trying to get back into a normal routine.

    Any advice on keeping my legs in shape would be great too.

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    Bodyweight won't build muscle like freeweights. Google "starting strength" then buy that book. It will teach you more than the whole interweb!
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