I recently stumbled upon a martial arts site http://www.taiko-no-te.de/ and thought I'd share it with you guys even though it is in German. Apparently some guy called Markus Bennefeld founded Taiko no te - the "most modern martial art in the world". Markus who gave himself the title of "Artifex" claims to have studied Aikido, Escrima, MMA, Hapkido, Jujitsu, Kali, Karate, Taekwondo, Sambo, Kickboxing and others. He then stripped these martial arts of "unneccessary elements" like gradings or competition and combined them into Taiko no te, a martial art "which enables you to defend yourself in any given situation"

Some excerpts from their website:

The three pillars concept

The three pillars mean that Taiko no te has three different levels of defense.
The defensive techniques fall into three categories:
- nice
the nice category is to be applied in situations which do not require unnecessary violence.
- decisive
the decisive category is to be applied in situations in which you feel threatened. They damage your opponent.
- very decisive
The very decisive category is to be applied in situations in which you feel very threatened and a fight can't be avoided. The techniques do considerable damage to your opponent.
Well at least the whole thing doesn't seem to be a total rip off because the membership fees are surprisingly low, but this club seems to be especially active around schools and youth clubs teaching young people how to effectively defend themselves. If you just look at the pictures here
you'll understand why that might turn out to be a big problem if one of their students should ever get into a real fight that doesn't fall into the "nice" category.