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    The Wing Chun backstory i heard from my Sifu is roughly the same as liger's, that wing chun was first developed as a simplified kung fu to teach alot of soldiers/rebels in a relatively shorter period of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ty5
    A lot of Kung Fu styles have fantastical histories involving Shaolin and lots of monks, part of the reason I think is that martial artists where seen as rather lower class (becuase if you are well off, you don't fight, you pay people to do it for you) and having a origin of mythic proportions gives credibility.
    I was gonna try to bring an example of a style with a noble founder but I found out Yueh Fei came from a poor family before becoming a general. So did Guan Yu, I think. I know Baji was the style practiced by Puyi and Mao's bodyguards, and I think it was practiced by previous emperor bodyguards, but that doesn't say anything about the style's origins.

    As far as I can remember, most styles have humble or religious (like Lohan and the tibetan styles) origins so I can't really argue your idea that martial artists were seen as lower class.

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