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    Quote Originally Posted by El Macho
    Two things helped me deal with the same ****:

    1. Hot Yoga (those 90 minutes yoga sessions in a room with dry air heated to over 80F degrees), and
    2. A Vaporizer (not a humidifier, but a vaporizer like these ones from vicks)

    I don't do the hot yoga anymore, but in the past, I was suffering from chronic bronchitis.
    Sometimes I would cough blood from the constant coughing. After 3 weeks of doing that, I dunno, I dried things inside and I haven't had that problem ever since.

    When I get the flu, congestion, allergies or asthma, I use the vaporizer. I don't put the medicine, just water mixed with some salt. Then I directly breath the vapor through the nose and mouth. This makes you cough and sneeze whatever is in there, and humidifies your bronchii. After a day or two, the symptoms go away (this is particularly true with allergies during the fucking pollen seasons.) :icon_thum
    Damn good info. Thanks. The more I hear about other asthmatics' experiences the more I realize how fucking random mine is. I can push my cardio hard as hell at times and only need one or two puffs of the primatine mist at the very most. Other times all it takes is a simple sneeze to make it flare up a little.

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    Having my doc switch me to the inhaler with the safer propellents really helped. I forget what it was called, NFA or soemthing?

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    Does anyone have any specific exercises to improve breathing capacity short of running? I may have copd, or chronic bronchitus, and i need to push my self to what limit i have. i do really basic cardio in my room but i get worn out very very quickly.

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    Let me chime in here because this is actually something I am well versed in.

    You have to do a few things first.

    1) Get your asthma under control. This will require a doctor visit and some tests. More than likely they will put you on something like a once a day inhaler (Advair or something like it) and an inhibitor like Singulair or Accolate.

    2) You need to get an allergy specific drug. Say that you are allergic to ragweed. Then the antihistamine is the way to go. If you are having problems with air quality allergies /asthma then you will need something like a Claritin or Tavist D.

    3) Keep those nasal passages clean. A nasal douche is key here. Once a day will help immensely. Then try dome Breathe Right Nasal Strips in the Spring and Summer.

    4) A dose of steroids like Prednisone may be needed to "reset" your lungs and let them heal before any maintenance drugs are attempted. When irritated they tissue inflames and needs the steroids to reverse the inflamation.

    I take two meds for my asthma and have done so for the past 30 years. I take claritin for my allergies. I also use the Nasal Douche. Together they help me.
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    I have exercise induced asthma to a moderate degree. I suck down a nice dose of terbutaline before I train, and I feel fine. Don't push yourself into an attack on purpose, you can do incremental damage to your lungs. Also, don't worry overly much about needing the inhaler, the drugs are cheap and widely available, and it's been known for people to **** themselves up in semi-retarded attempts to ween themselves off.

    Personally, I don't use the corticosteroids, because I get constant throat infections on them, and I still need the bronchodilator to exercise/be within 15 feet of a cat. YMMV however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JP
    I've got exercise induced asthma. I barely made it out of childhood alive. Really sucked. I grew out of a lot of it as I got older. I'm 26 now, but it bothered me a lot into my early 20s. Gotta tell you the only thing that helped was heavy cardio and pushing myself past needing the inhaler. The more you stay away from the thing the better. That said, keep it around of emergencies. If you don't mind me asking (PM if you like) what medication are you taking? Albuterol sulphate? Are you on any day to day maitenance drugs?

    Be careful with them because a lot of them are steriods which don't contribute to the overall health of your lungs. You feel better at the time but you don't get any stronger. Do some research on breathing exercises. Something with breathing and dynamic tension, these can strenghen your lungs. I'm sorry I don't have any specifics. The stuff I used to do I can't explain and its specific to this one art. PM if you like and I'll try and explain but an instructor is what you need. The hot yoga sounds interesting.

    The more you push and boost your lung capacity the better it will get, also, make sure you don't confuse ordinary out of breath with an attack or tightness. It took me some time to get to know the difference because when I was younger I only got tight, not out of breath. Weird. Now that my lungs are stronger, I get winded.

    If you can find a chinese herbalist, I took their medications for a bit and enjoyed some relief but the **** tastes awful.

    But the thing that helped me the most was steady and strenuos cardio. Heavy bag work is good, sprints, anything that doesn't allow a rythm. A breathing rythm will be easier on your lungs and not push them as hard. Plus it can only help your cardio for grappling.

    inhaled steroids are under-used drugs for asthma, and will decrease the use of bronchodilators. they are proven in sound clinical studies in preventing asthma attacks, reducing hospitalisations (i can give the links to studies).

    they get a bad rep because they are "steroids", but inhaled steroids don't cause as much side effects as oral / intravenous side effect. most ppl just get throat/mouth fungal infections, and that's often because they don't rinse their mouth after using the inhaled steroids.

    also some ppl don't like them because those inhalers take a few days to fully kick in, and won't really save your ass in an emergency.

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