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    Quote Originally Posted by SixStringFist
    How many of the students in the classrooms WERE martial artists?
    At least two, including a good friend of one of our members Maverick. There are multiple discussions going on about the shooting over in Sociocide. This should go down well.
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    One of Elmores heroes whose e-butt he kisses over on his forums did pretty the same thing, only he taught courses on how to survive once the terrorists inevitably started opening up on people in American streets with automatic weapons. He couldn't just have tried teaching people how to survive a scenario with an armed crazy, oh no, he had to bring the media buzzword of the day into it and make money on the corpses of the victims. Same with this guy. Revolting.

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    He deserves a good ass-kicking on principal alone.

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    This fraud is a prime, grade A, top-shelf wanker. To jump in so quickly after the event beggars belief. He makes ambulance chasing look okay.

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    I'm not sure this is a bad thing at all. In incidents like this you either need a hero to confront the armed nutcase or an idiot, now, heroes are in pretty short supply usually being left to folk defending their family or guys with a strong millatary background and a wish to protect others, idiots however are in the majority and an idiot who really thinks they can take down an armed perp with no risk at all is the best idiot you can have, they may very well die in the process but maybe it will mean others will live. Of course the bad side is that it will result in very positive for the fake system being marketed but that just means more idiots to jump in when needed.

    Of course trying to make money and fame off of this incident is wrong and he really needs a beating for it.

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    To use such a tragic event to get a quick gosh, I never thought a person could stoop so low. If only I was close enough, to perform my Future Generation's Destruction Fist(i.e. a combo to his junk, with steel toed boots)

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldman34
    It all comes down to this..

    "If you comply, then you will die."

    This simply means that if you assume that you cant do anything about your situation, then you have lost.
    I doubt that any type of training could have helped in this particular instance. If he just walked in and started shooting then all you can do is duck for cover. Now if he was walking around in the classroom shooting, then something could have been at least attempted.

    However, the VAST majority of people in the US simply give in to the demands of terrorists, thugs, and what have you because they are ingrained with the idea that he who holds the gun, holds the power.
    Its more like he who holds the gun, is overconfident.

    I'm not saying that I would have had the prescence of mind to have done anything either, during the initial attack (had I been in the room he started shooting in), but it seems that some students took the initiative and barricaded the door (in and adjacent room) thus saving their lives.

    Lt. X is a piece of scum for a few reasons.
    1. Trying to make a buck off of this tragedy [tragedy doesnt really describe it though] by capitalizing on the fears of people
    2. Selling them bullshit hope and pipe dreams of self defense abilities.

    The sad part is, he will make a mint off of this. I work almost daily on the University of Memphis Campus, and you can see the fear and paranoia there.
    People will look for something to give them SOME piece of mind, and sadly many will go for the "quick fix" solutions of Lt. X
    Usually it's me ("Mr Combatives") posting this toss pots latest crap for ridicule ;)

    But comments about what you said.

    Pizzo and Ross (Lt.X is actually 2 people) is scum for those reasons (and he is a sloppy combatives guy from what I have seen) AND for stealing (legal corporate steal but still a steal) from a real hard case like Carl Cestari. I'm no fan of Cestari but he at least was good at what he did, now you have to pay lots of cash to ebay OR "Lt.X" to access his DVD's (or pirate them)

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    I'm curious to know what type of ???-fu would help an unarmed student with his back turned, focusing on class, from getting shot in the back by a guy who suddenly walks in with two guns and unloads 200+ shots in less than 10 minutes. AND THEN goes around and shoots nearly everyone on the ground again.

    What a scumbag.

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    At first I was disappointed that yet again it seemed that one of these events had happened without the victims appearing to fight back and defend themselves...really damages my faith in the human spirit.
    Then later I learned about Liviu Librescu, who may just qualify for Badass of the Day that day if I can tender a nomination as well as other students who did resist. I wonder if this douche's course would include a lesson on barricading the door with a table or distracting the attacker so you die in someone else's place or any other "technique" that really did work that day? **** this guy.

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    This time he has gone too far.

    I think a serious investigation is needed to bust his ass. I note this of itnerest:

    "While typically a favorite of martial arts enthusiasts, law enforcement, and military personnel"

    Now, if he used a line like that over here to sell his product and it was proven false, he would be busted HARD under the fair trading act. I imagine there are similar laws in the US that could be brought into play?

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