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    WT GM and GGM Jokes - please add
    A WT GM was driving his big Mercedes down the German Autoban, singing to himself, "I love my MERCEDES, I love my MERCEDES." Focusing on his car, not his driving, he smashed into a tree. He miraculously survived, but his car was totaled. "My MERCEDES! My MERCEDES!" he sobbed.
    A good Samaritan drove by and cried out, "Sir, sir, you're bleeding! And my god, your left arm is gone!"
    The WT GM, horrified, screamed "My Rolex! My Rolex!"

    WT GGMs
    A man stomps into a bar, obviously angry. He growls at the bartender, "Gimme a beer", takes a slug, and shouts out, "All WT GGMs are assholes!"
    A guy at the other end of the bar retorts, "You take that back!"
    The angry man snarls, "Why? Are you a WT GGM?"
    The guy replies, "No, I'm an asshole!"

    Heard about the new German-Chinese restaurant? The food is great, but an hour later, you're hungry for power.

    What's the difference between a German and a shopping trolley? A shopping trolley has a mind of its own.

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    Es klingt wie Dein Problem ist nicht wirklich mit WT aber Du hast Angst vor den Deutschen. Stimmt das?

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