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If you have to buy your own firearm, do you also have to buy your own ammo for training and practice, or does the department cover that?
Most agencies will supply you with your duty ammo (usually a premium hollowpoint), since they're standardized on what they believe will be the optimal performing round for the officer. Most of the time, it's something like Winchester Ranger, Federal HST (not the Hydrashok...), Remington's Golden Saber, or Speer's Gold Dot, any of which will do the job quite nicely.

Plinking ammo varies, though. Some have contracts with distributors who may provide them with something cheap, such as CCI Blazer, in bulk. Others might actually have local reloaders make the practice ammo for them, or may even have an in-house reloader. Some tell their officers that they're on their own.

On another note, I still remember the awful times for the Columbia, South Carolina, PD. They had an awful politically correct chief (Charles Austin) who refused to let his officers carry anything except for .38 Special standard pressure round nosed lead ball ammo in their antiquated S&W revolvers. He even raised a big stink when they made the switch to Sig P220 pistols...