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    Quote Originally Posted by spiderman
    i could teach you his shin conditioning techinique....but i would be worried that you may use it for terrible things..
    I'll bite.

    Tell me the secret to getting my shin bones to switch places with the muscles of my lower leg, I really want to know and promise not to use it for evil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoffeeFan
    I'll bite.

    Tell me the secret to getting my shin bones to switch places with the muscles of my lower leg, I really want to know and promise not to use it for evil.
    Don't trust him Spiderman! He's going to use those shins of steel to round house kick his way into the Whitehouse!

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    You know, I'm going to be 100% honest in this post. I've never trained with him, but I know very many people that have. As I live in Zurich, the same province where he has his Gong Fu school (Winterthur, Zurich), I happen to train in a Wing Chun school about 5 minutes from there by car.

    As for what I've heard from different people, is that he is full of ****. He thinks he's the best at everything. There's no Martial Arts teacher (I wont even say master, since I don't think he deserves that title) that is as full of himself as he is. And yes, I have met him personally once briefly and heard him talk. He gives an extremely arrogant vibe that sounds like he's trying to make everyone around him think he's the best.

    Go check out his webpage, it looks really ugly ( Go to his profile and look at how he "presents" himself. He is the opposite of humble, and I say this with 100% honesty.

    I want to add one quick think through this modification...

    Like I said, I never trained with him, everything I heard were from some of his ex students. But I did get the chance to meet him once. And he seemed incredibly arrogant.

    In my opinion it takes 3 things to become a good martial arts teacher or master or whatever:
    Technique - This is obvious what it means
    Energy - Health, one should have a good health as a martial arts teacher
    Spirit - A good person, humble and friendly.

    I don't know what his health or condition is like, his technique might be good. But he's just an asshole, sorry to say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DerAuslander108
    i live in a buddhist temple & train with monks who have actually fought in wars.

    The Swiss do not impress me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sushi-Boy View Post
    Hi Everyone,

    Does anybody have any first hand experience with this European

    based (Switzerland) Martial Arts Grandmaster?

    I have no knowledge of him personally but believe him to be full

    of BS. He learned Wing Chun from Sifu Austin Goh over here in

    London, UK and a friend of mine who trained with Goh believes he

    must have "bought" his grades from Austin as his Wing Chun is "off".

    I can't see him doing the high kicks of HapKiDo let alone the

    jumping/flying ones.

    He looks rather big boned to be a "Lightning Fist" at any rate.
    Hey dude, Ive been doing Hapkido for 20+ years and for someone so young to be a 10th degrees in everything doesn't really seem realistic. As we all know (those of us on the path), we in a way have completed the journey when we get to that level. What's left. No further aspiration? Unfortunately, as we all know, higher level belts really do equate to $'s when expanding and trying to make a living out of a life journey. Personally, my Master(Grandmaster, he dislikes that expression) is at present about 72 and has in excess of 40+ black belts encompassing 4 or 5 martial arts. He is the most humble man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and practices everything he preaches. In my opinion, and his status backs this up, he is the one of the premier GM's in the world at the moment. He is almost as active today as he was 50 years ago, maybe not? His name is Sung Soo Lee. I, like many others owe him a great debt of gratitude for what he has taught us all.
    Jurg Ziegler, well only time will tell, heh?

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    I rarely write in threads, but had to this time.

    I met Jurg Ziegler for one day at a seminar hosted by Austin Goh in London ten or eleven years ago.

    He is definitely one of the few exceptions from the usual Bullshido. Unnaturally fast and strong.

    He used me to demonstrate some arm-locking counter if someone is elbowing you. Being younger and a bit cocky and over-confident, I deliberately slipped the lock by twisting my wrist out (did this while he was showing everyone it...slowly). He did it again, I slipped it again.

    Suddenly, it felt like he slapped the side of my head, and the slap span me upside-down over his other arm. I found myself upside down, with my skull being crushed really hard between his kness, he had hold of both my legs so he could have done some WWE piledriver-type move had he wanted to..

    Very embarrassing but it taught me a bit of humility. It was quite a rough seminar for me thereon, towards the end he picked me up using his thumbs under the back of my jaw. Memories :foreveralone:

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    Very anecdotal of you to necro a thread with pretty pointless information.

    In fact, having read the entire thread, this whole thing isn't MABS worthy let alone your post. Consider that lucky for you otherwise your post would have been ****-canned to Trollshido and an infraction given for **** posting in a serious discussion - However, this thread can't be considered "serious" by MABS standards so, off to YMAS it all goes.

    Have a nice day.
    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

    ~Ella Wheeler

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