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    We got this black belt guy who is some instructor at another school. He is 6ft+ must be about 300lbs. Sometimes he teaches on our open mat days. He teaches this dirty-fat man- muscle newaze techniques which are totally ridiculous.

    If your opponent is turtles up, he tells them to put your knee on the top of their hand and try to arm bar them. He also says if they are turtle to grab the arm and leg close and just flip them over. These are horrible techniques.

    Well last night we had our newaza class. He turtles up and I reverse sankaku (triangle choke) him. He is so big I didn't even need to apply much pressure. So, he gets really upset and tries to stiff arm me. So I pull guard and sweep him to the side. He turtles so I go for a RNC. Since he is so fat, I slide off his neck and get his nose. All of a sudden it is not fair. This went on for the full 5 minutes. He continually tries to muscle me and I just romp on him. Then he makes all these excuses. I understand I am younger and lighter. But sometimes people just have the wrong attitude. The guy in my last post was strong and fast and we were about even (he got the overall better of me), but this guy is just big. I am not bragging, I got PWNED for the rest of the night. I just wanted to get the big guy.

    Standing up he wrecks me because of his size and stiff arm. But i am working on that. I am only a yellow belt in judo, you would think a 5th or 6th degree black belt would have some understanding how to work with someone less skilled. NOPE. He just tries to stiff arm you.
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