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    Quote Originally Posted by dexo View Post
    helloo everybodies
    Nope not upset,
    just havin a lark,
    thought I'd see what Response I would get from a long drawn out essay, I tend to waffle.[/I]
    No, you were upset.

    Well I have read all this chit chat about the Lao chi Kung fu federation and I will defend this club,yes I am a student and yes I like the style and yes I have studied other forms in the past
    firstly who really cares about a name, if your that wrapped up in names or how something is translated,study languages, I dont and all I Know is that this system does work,as a defensive technique(which is all I want cause I dont need to go round bashing peoples heads in for fun, I have got a brain and I like to use it), will probably get some smart arse comment from a few members for this.
    This club is friendly enviroment to increase ones own confidence and defensive skills.
    We dont all need to take the world on.
    Whilst at this club I have been taught many blocks,kicks ,strikes, punches, that actually do work,ask the guy on the other end of them,who decided to try to be hard in front of his mates, he wasn't laughing for long and I walked away, so if this style was a bunch of crap, I wouldn't be writing this.
    There have been a few people who have turned up to the club, with this attitude that they know everything(which they dont) and because you have to start all forms from scratch(to gauge your ability) ,then they spit their dummies out and start writing rubbish on forums like this, because, they didn't get their own way.

    As`for the grading system, use your brains this is per sash, i.e 3 months for white then 6 months further training(if good enough) for next sash until blue which can be at least a year if not more in total this could take you a minimum of 5-6 years(if your good enough) to get to black sash, only then are you classed as a junior instructor, whose roll is to help the sifu(by the way sifu is a term which could be used for some one that has trained fully in a subject, a fully trained motor mechanic could be calle sifu or shifu, if one so desired)

    The people who keep coming back know the truth and if it didn't work or help, there wouldn't be a club,because people wouldn't keep coming back.simples.

    Any way, finally, as I probably wont write again on this subject, if it works for you, what does it matter about a name,this based on 5 animal kung fu, as I have a good friend who trained with them for many years , I asked him if what I was doing was any different and other than him being far superior to me the styles were the same.

    so........before you start commenting on something an unhappy person has stated,check it out first then form an opinion, then if you dont like it find what you do,like bashing your head against a wall...:):):):

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    Lao Chi

    Right, I read all of this before i tried Lao Chi a good while ago now. I didn't tell any of the instructors about my own martial arts background, which is extensive. The Junior instructors and senior members of the class were actually exceptional, patient, understanding and you can have a laugh and a joke with them.

    The "sifu" himself is another story entirely. The sexist, angry man, when asked where he gained his skills, responded with an ambigious "a chinese master, dead now." I later found out he was a Paratrooper, and had received brown belt in Karate. What I suspect is that this system is simply a mix of military combat training and Karate, with some kung fu mixed in. What escapes me is why the Sifu doesn't simply admit this. The black sash students are very, very good, so the system clearly works... Why the lies? Additionally, the website is named The International Lao Chi Federation, when asked about this, the Sifu responded with a short, mocking temper. After my research, I can't find a single reference to this Federation outside of the Sifu's own school, I suspect it is simply an attempt to make the art sound more reputable. If any current member can point to any other evidence of this "International Lao Chi Federation," I would be happy to retract these remarks with a full apology.

    My greatest concern came when speaking to a senior student, however. The system is a Five Animal style, but the most senior students, some of which have been black sash for four years or more, only seem to know three. I have never seen Sifu demonstrate the other two, I believe he is either incapable of doing so, or didn't know them in the first place.

    Most of what this Sifu seems to be doing, revolves around money. His seminars take place about various weapons or specific types of defence, his Nunchaku seminars were the worst I have ever seen, demonstrating pretty much the Nunchaku showmanship you see on youtube, and very little else. The Sifu himself doesn't seem to teach at all apart from these (rather expensive) seminars.

    In summary, I think the system itself is effective, but the instruction is poor and seems to be money-oriented. The instructorship courses he offers, from what I have heard of them, seem to be -very- unofficial indeed, charging a monthly fee for the course, at the end of which, not so much as a certificate is given.

    As a general rule, if the instructor is in any way defensive when asked about the lineage of his art, or where he learned it, steer well clear... You are entitled to know whom he was taught by, and to see evidence of it yourself.

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    "Hi is this Lao Chi Kung Fu"
    "Can i try a lesson"
    "do you have 5?"

    The above lines of dialogue should be the definition of a mckwoon!

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    lao chi kung fu
    Having studied Shotakan Karate for over 10 years from the age of 18 and now just turned 50, I thought it was time I got off my middle aged back side and started training again. I found the LAO CHI KUNG FU SCHOOL in Childwall on the internet and went along to give it a go.
    My first leason was FREE and I find the style very afective. My fitness levels have incresed as has my self defence skills. Everyone at the club are fantastic lad's and Sifu Chris is a brilliant Teacher. I think KHANOM TOM should come back and give it another go.

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    I'm not going to say that the lack of strecthing is bad but it is better if you do, but the fact that they asked for money on the trial lesson should be a sign that they're not in it for the 'art'(whatever the hell it was they were doing) but they'll just make up whatever bull it takes to make a quick dollar

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