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    Quote Originally Posted by dwhomp
    Pretty much that is what I think. Arts that claim they cant do full contact because of No Holds Barred deadliness:

    1. Couldnt do a fraction of what they claim against the unwilling.

    2. Never realize that the other guy can jab an eye or grab a set of nuts just like the other guy can.
    OMG you can't do real kung fu.

    Only sport fighters think this way.

    Now, if instructors would understand this little fact. Maybe kung fu will stopped being laughed at.

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    Rather than asking which art to study, I think you would have better luck looking for a club with a successful competition record. You could have the best theoretical art in the world, but without a competition focus you will have a hard time being successful.
    Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.
    - Voltaire

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    Master Tat Mau Wong's Choy Lee Fut school trains for sanda or some kind of full contact rule set. At least he trains his students like that and, as far as I know, his school is kinda famous in Asia for having good fighters and at least some champions. I think he mixed the style with a bit of boxing or something like that. I'm pretty sure his school is spread world wide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChinoXL
    oh okay; most people in san-da fights the same i thought san-da ended up becomming a style of it's own. nvm then.
    In san da, certain patterns and approaches work, and you'll see them lots. Certain movements make it harder to be thrown or kicked, certain kicks are harder to catch(hopping sidekick instead of chambered one, shin to shin kicks)...punching patterns that don't give up a throw, etc. People should ideally, train for the sport, the style they come out of won't directly help them, no big gloves in trad. cma, shin pads and a cup too? At the gym I attend, they teach other ma..but to compete in san da, you have to take that class...many moves are specific to it because of throws with the strikes. (Cung le, is a walking, breathing san shou/san da his fights..he's got some extra stuff to aspire to).
    Muay Thai is the most common base "style", in the usa, from what I've seen in our school's opponents...but I think that's because the muay thai schools here, do san da, because there aren't enough thai boxing events (this is a guess, we train in san da directly)
    Some of it(muay thai) goes out the window though when throws are factored in...I'd say the best thing, is to condition your body to withstand strikes/throws....muay thai will get the strikes and conditioning for you, but your san da class should get you ready for the throws.

    p.s. spar spar spar, nothing else will help as much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by It is Fake
    Now, if instructors would understand this little fact. Maybe kung fu will stopped being laughed at.
    I wish we had 1000 more CMA people here who got this point.

    Instead, we get "WAAAH BULLSHIDO IS ON A JIHAD AGAINST CMA WAAAH MOMMY MY VAG HURTS" or something like that.

    Some people are either:

    1. Too wrapped up in CMA that it's practically a religion for them (can't say anything bad about the Bible or you're a satanist kind-of-thinking)


    2. Knowingly complicit in spreading or at the very least, condoning the bullshit.

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