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    Claymore?, no not that, infact(and I could be wrong,) I think what I'm learning is a bit shorter then that, and not quite sure what you mean by run of the mill, hold on let me see if I can't find the oakeshott type I'm using a waster of


    I believe, two handed longsword with a blade that is good for cutting but has major thrusting capability, seeing as the blade becomes narrow as you go up the blade, I think that blade design was mainly for thrusting through unstable, exposed and weak spots in Plate armour

    however I think this might be the Blade type for the Estoc or known as the tuck in english,

    I'm not sure as I'm still learning my Oakeshott typology

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    Strength train first, go to your sword training after. Get a decent routine of progressive resistance involving free weights. You'll notice a difference and yes, some of us know the science behind this stuff.

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