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    I agree. Potatoes by themselves are not bad (unless you are diabetic.) One thing for certain, if you eat potatoes, for the love of God, don't fucking peel it. The skin on a potatoe is choked-full of nutrients.

    Potatoe chips and poptarts are not bad when eaten in moderation (.ie. as part of a cheat meal or snack on top of an otherwise healthy diet). It's when people eat the whole damned box of them that they become a problem - or when they make that type of stuff the central part of their diet.

    Kinda reminds me of an episode of "King Of The Hill" where Hank is ordering food (and he was prescribed by a doctor to eat green/veggies) - he ended up ordering lassagna for greens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by patfromlogan
    Potatoes are dangerous if you are diabetic. Otherwise, unprocessed potatoes, corn (whole, on the cob etc), grains and such are great for you. As long as they aren't converted to high fat chips, or covered with butter, sour cream, and all that crap that makes them SO yummy. Now are organic blue corn chips ok? Please?
    They're not blue, or not that I've seen but look for Guiltless Gourmet corn chips...
    About as close to "OK" as you'll get in a corn chip

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