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    Ladies, gentlemen, and Migo... we're proud to annouce that we are now taking nominations for the 2002 McDojo Award for "Tomato Can of the year"!

    Now this is a MMA/NHB specific award, so for those of you Traditionalists, a tomato can is a fighter that typically gets thrown in with an opponent who greatly outclasses him; sometimes to make a fighter look good, sometimes simply to satisfy the crowd's urge to see a beatdown. For example:

    Image copyrighted by Nagao Susumu, the world famous MMA Photographer from his website.

    Yamamoto, who had absolutely no chance at defeating 360 lb Bob Sapp.

    Make your nominations below.

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    I hate nominating this guy because he's such a nice guy but Shannon Ritch
    This guys will fight anybody anywhere and in many venues but heck, go to his fight record and take a look at it:

    But I met him once and he's really a nice guy and is game for pretty much anybody.

    btw: this is the guy who got his arm broken kickboxing with Frank Shamrock during K-1 superfight.

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    I'm agreeing with Michael here in every way.

    If he wins, it should be done respectfully cos the guy deserves credit for being one of the most active fighters ever.

    Bruce Lee,Jet Li,Segal and Van Damme are all actors so shutup about them.
    Goldberg is soft

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    How Alexander otsuka....

    Hell, Otsuka seems to be bait for just about every big name fighter with recent losses to:

    Vanderlei Silva, Ken Shamrock, Guy Metzger, Igor Vochanchin, Renzo Gracie just to name a few.

    He's a game fighter, but just doesn't stand much of a chance with these guys.

    I'll give it up for his getting in the ring though.

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    Hey Phrost while you are at it why don't we also have an award for the biggest MMA chihuahua and non-MMA chihuahua award. This award is for the person with the most bark and littlest bite. My nominee would have to be Eddie Millis and Ashida Kim respectively.


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