Phonix judo, Braintree Mass.
We have 3 head instructors but about 5 or 6 regularly attending black belts which can also help with training

Class size varies greatly from between 4 up to 16 people each night and we have classes 4 days a week.

Monday and thursday are typical judo classes. Each class is 2 hours long beginning at 7:30pm and ending somewhere around 9:30pm. There is usually about 30mins of warmups whicn start with jogging, pushups, crunches, squats. We then typically move to breakfalls and end with judo footwork (taisabaki). The next hour or so is based on one main technique and then variations from that technique. People are paired up (or they poair themselves up) and work the technique with varying levels of resistance. There is a strong emphasis on the fundamentals. The last half hour is usually dedicated to randoori. The goal is usually to have each person play against each other person.

Wednesday is newaza only classes. For as long as you can go, we have 5 minute rounds in which each player is expected to roll each every other player at leas one time. Classes begin at 7:30pm and can range anywhere from 45 minutes to the full 2 hours. Length typically is determined on the class. When everyone decides to stop, it is over. The whole class typicall goes out for dinner after that at a local venue.

Saturday classes at 10:30am are a less formal version of the monday and thursday classes. It is alot like a directed open mat class.

The first friday of every month we hold an open workout for all area judoka. This is similar to the wednesday newaza class except that standing technique is emphasized.

Practice Area
We are located in a gym. We have 3 mat areas furnished with brand new zebra mats. We maintain a clean practice area. Since we are in a gym there are showering facilities and lockers as well.

Class Regulations
Our school is very informal. We bow in and out that's about it. If you need to take a break you are allowed to do so. We strive to make everyone the best judoka they want to be. If you want to train very hard, you can find someone to train with. If you want to work only technique that is possible too. You can feel free to ask questions at any point in the class.

Jay Brooks
Jay is the head instructor and president of MassJudo. Jay has been involved in judo for a long time, still competes and attends most every event (even when he is not running them). One of Jay's stringest points is that he teaches each player how to play in their game. By focusing on the fundamentals each student can then develop their own style based on their personality and physical capabilities. While we sometimes cover more spectacular throws, the majority of time is spent on strong fundamentals and reliable technique. Working these fundamentals, Jay is quick to point out when techniques are more likely to work and against which type of players. He is definitely a not a 'one size fits all' instructor.

Kids Classes
We have a small kids class on saturday morning.