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    That was a very poor email. The questions should have been simpler, fewer and more conversational. I probably wouldn't answer them.
    There is no cheating, there is only jiu-jitsu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by It is Fake
    The tone was good but, way to many questions. Personally, I would've developed a small correspondence.

    Ask a few questions then wait for a reply. Ask a few more until he balks.

    When he balks then send him an email with this thread link.

    Sorry, I should have had you PM the e-mail before you sent it off.

    If he does reply it may be quite negative because, there are so many questions. Still try to be cordial and press him for specific teachers and military records.

    Sorry about that, first time to do this. I will be the epitome of politeness if he writes back.

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    Don't sweat it. I've seen way worse emails that have received responses.

    Who knows?

    In any event, if he ignores it, we can wait about a week or so and someone else can try.

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    Still looking and followed this link from the links page:

    From there on the 'Executive Directors' bio it states this:

    [QUOTE][Executive Director

    Mr. Lesley (LEE) Vineyard, Executive Director for National Intelligence Agency Corporation. He is responsible for the on-going training in a number of areas for NIA Corporation's Protection Specialists. He directs and coordinates high-risk termination and protection details throughout the U.S. and abroad.
    Mr. Vineyard has served as a Personal Protection Specialist in the United States as well as overseas for both the military and private sectors.
    Mr. Vineyard has developed and taught VIP/Executive Protection Training though Seal International Bodyguard Association to Protection Specialists from New Zealand, Australia, Japan and South America. The attendees have included select members of a Protection Detail responsible for a Royal Family. He has also worked extensively for several “Fortune 500” corporations and instructs and trains law enforcement personnel in SWAT Operations, Defensive Tactics, High Risk Warrant/Raid Operations and firearms training.
    While serving overseas with a Private Contractor and the Government, Mr. Vineyard performed High level VIP/Dignitary Protection for U.S. and Russian Cabinet members including, Vladimir Antonovich Ivashko from 1996 though 1998 and Makarov Vladimir Anatolyevich from 1998 though 2001
    In addition to his achievements, Mr. Vineyard is a published author and Martial Arts expert with over 31 years of study, practice and instruction. He is a Master-Level Instructor of various forms of Martial Arts and Close-Quarters Combat. In 1999, he had the distinct honor of being inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall-of-Fame in two categories, Combat Hapkido and Hand-to-Hand Combat. He has authored two books, “White to Black Belt Combat Hapkido,” and Fighting Techniques for Any Self Defense Situation,” Mr. Vineyard has had several magazine articles published including a three-part series on VIP/Dignitary Protection, “Bodyguard or Personal Protection Specialist.

    Due to his extensive experience in security matters, Mr. Vineyard is regularly called upon to provide his expertise on personal and physical security, executive protection, military EP,

    Mr. Vineyard has been judicially recognized and has been declared one of the leading Fugitive Recovery and law enforcement trainers in the United States for over 19 years. He received numerous awards for his work and his contributions in law enforcement. A widely published author, Mr. Vineyard holds a Masters in Criminal Law from Suffield University. He is a Master Instructor of the Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training (OC), Master Instructor in NTC Straight Baton, Instructor of the MEB Baton, Instructor in OCAT-OC, International Master Instructor for Seal International Bodyguard Council in Alberta Canada, teaching, High Risk Tactical Entry, Tactical Shooting, Tactical Defense and Executive Protection, Instructor in PPCT, and Master Instructor in Defensive Tactics-(Pressure Point Control). In 2002 Mr. Vineyard received an award from United State House of Representatives and Congress for his work in the field of law enforcement. Mr. Vineyard is the creator of the Certified Protection Specialist Program. In 2003 Mr. Vineyard formed the National Intelligence Agency Special Operations Corporation. Mr Vineyard is responsible for the on-going training in a number of areas for NIA Corporation's Protection Specialists. He directs and coordinates high-risk protection and fugitive recovery details throughout the U.S. and abroad.


    Oxford High School-Oxford Ala.

    Downs College -Chattanooga Tn. - Criminal Law

    Seal International Bodyguard Association - Alberta Canada - Government File# TN5714962003

    Suffield University - Masters of Science-Major -Criminal Justice


    Director - National Intelligence Agency
    Pittsburgh, Pa
    Conduct skip-tracing & criminal investigations on wanted fugitives
    Prepare court testimony
    Implemented training courses for NIA on Fugitive Apprehension
    Designed a Specialize Tactical Entry Unit
    Enhanced Employee performance
    Certified NIA agents though out the U.S.

    Martial Arts

    First Degree - Tactical Hapkido - Grandmaster Berry Rodemaker

    Fifth Degree - Kempo Karate - Grandmaster Ed Parker / Steve Spray

    Seventh Degree - Kuk Kwon Pai Tae Kwon Do - Grandmaster Chou Vang

    Tenth Degree - Foshin Lin Kuei - Shi Li Wei - (**** Guon Lui)

    Tenth Degree - Koga Ryu Ninjutsu - Grandmaster Stoffel Van Vuuren

    Personal and Written Achievements:

    1999-Industrial and Commercial Security Training Guide

    2000-Special Tactical Fugitive Recovery Training Guide

    2000-Night Club Protection Training Guide

    2002- Tactical Law Enforcement Speed Cuffing Course

    2002- Inducted into the WHOS WHO in America

    2002-Honored with a special recognition in Dedicated Services to the Citizens and Law-Enforcement officials of Allegheny Coufrom the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES AND CONGRESS

    2003-Honored with a Citation on Law-Enforcement Instructor and Man of the year from the International Law-Enforcement Training Association and the Pennsylvania House of Representatives

    2006- PA Sheriff's Act Two - Allegheny County Police Academy

    2006 - Received Ninth Degree in Foshin Lin Kuei and Headmaster of the system

    Instructor Qualifications and Special Training

    Sig Armorer
    Monadnock Ex Baton - (Instructor)
    Tactical Speed-cuffing - (Master Instructor Cert.)
    Phase IV OC - Instructor Trainer
    NTC - ( OC - Master Instructor)
    NTC - (Baton - Master Instructor)
    Fox OC - (Instructor)
    OCAT - (Instructor)
    PPCT Defensive Tactics - (Instructor)
    PPCT Tactical Handcuffing - (Instructor)
    PPCT Tactical Ext. Baton - (Instructor)
    Use of Force Presser Points control (Master Instructor Cert.)
    Principles of Protection
    First Respondent Medicine
    Profiles of Terrorism and Violence
    Electronic Security
    Human Behavior and Dangerousness
    Social Relationships and Manners
    Bomb Search and Identification
    Intelligence Gathering and Countermeasures
    Principles of Investigation
    Legal Aspects
    Evidence Collection and Preservation
    Interviews and Interrogation
    Legal Investigation
    Undercover Investigation
    Maritime Theft, Retrieval and Countermeasures
    Emergency Navigation and Procedures
    Survival at Sea
    Hotel, Resort, and Cruise Line Casino Security
    Assets and Estate Protection
    Security Management
    Electronic Devices
    Courtroom Testifying
    Criminal Investigations
    Undercover Investigations
    Pretext Information Gathering
    The Court System & Testifying
    Evidence & Fingerprint Procedures
    Automobile Accidents
    Insurance Investigations
    Interviewing & Statement Taking
    Personal Injury & Product Liability
    Worker Compensation & Hazardous Material
    Photography & Video
    Surveillance & Driving Techniques
    Shopping Service & Loss Prevention
    Sexual Harassment & Cultural Awareness
    Civil Investigations
    Courthouse Visitation
    Research Investigations
    Locate & Missing Children
    Document Research- Computer
    Background & Pre-Employment Checks
    Client Relations
    Exploring the Internet
    Business Correspondence
    Client Contracts & Retainers
    Computer Database Research

    Tactical Training:

    Executive Protection Driving
    Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting
    Defensive Shooting Tactics - (Master Instructor Cert)
    Unarmed Defensive Tactics - (Master Instructor Cert.)
    Armed and Unarmed Defense Tactics aboard Small Vessels - (Master Instructor Cert.)
    Private Yacht Defensive Shooting
    Specialize Fugitive Recovery - (Master Instructor Cert.)
    Nightclub Protection Specialist Training - (Master Instructor Cert.)
    Allegheny County Constable Tactics Instructor

    Total Hours of Training: 11,023/QUOTE]

    And then went to this link from that web page:

    More info to follow as I find it.

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    He was an expert in Kenjutsu (the art of the sword), as well as various schools of Judo, Jujutsu and Ninjutsu. ... Ni Dan (2nd Degree Black Belt) in Nihon Jujutsu and Judo
    Well, his Judo record would be the easiest to check IMO. Ask him what branch he's with. (IJF, USJF, USJA, etc) Then check their databases for blackbelts by website or calling them. Easy.

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    Well so far I haven't received a response to my e-mail to MR Rackley. However in following and reading links from his webpage, especially this one:

    There is a link to this webpage:

    And this webpage:


    I am gonna take a wild swing at this......
    (sarcasm enabled)
    It's all BS. I know, I know, call me crazy but it I don't think it's legit.

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