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    Recovery times, as you mentioned, have always been one of the biggest issues for those of you working on conditioning and ma's (goddamn it if I don't find somewhere to go soon...), they always were for me. This is the only reason I see using particular "bodybuilding" splits.

    If you are planning on starting lifting again I would recommend trying out the Mir workout I posted. I haven't had much in the way of prolonged soreness (except for straining my quads for some reason twice in the last 3 weeks) and it seems to be well targeted for what those of us here want. An additional commentary may also help everyone in personalizing it.

    As for the curls helping with armbar defense in my limited experience I've found that it gives you a little more time to butress with the other arm and then a little more time in that position to try and find an out. Obviously you can't hold out with your arms against full body weight for long. Ask Wastrel for clarification and confirmation <img src=icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle>

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    Posting my workout from last night (day 2), on this plan:


    Set 1: 225 x 4

    Set 2: 225 x 4

    Set 3: 205 x 4

    Set 4: 205 x 4


    Set 1: 75 x 4

    Set 2: 75 x 4

    Set 3: 60 x 4

    Set 4: 60 x 4

    T-bar rows:

    Set 1: 90 x 4

    Set 2: 90 x 4

    Set 3: 80 x 4

    Set 4: 80 x 4

    Back is pretty sore today, but that's because I've never really done much in the way of deadlifts before.

    Arms feel great. Didn't have any issues with soreness when rolling this morning (though my cardio is garbage).

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