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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry_Spastic
    The starved African refugees around here are the biggest gluttons I've ever met.
    I really should learn from them.
    It has mostly to do with high activity level. Really simply, if you burn an obscene number of calories you can eat what you want and still be relatively lean. Everyone keeps asking me how I lost so much weight - they lose interest when, inevitably, I say "diet and exercise".
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    I use to loose my appetite and have to force feed, where it feels like I'm chewing and chewing till it's mush with no pleasure.

    I found that a good breakfast (it will take time until you develope a morning appetite), allowed me to be more hungry for lunch where I would gorge, then repeat for dinner. When I skipped breakfast, I'd be driving around going, uhh I dont want that, or that or that etc, until I settled on something, had a few bites, and felt shitty for months.

    Lots of food is great. I'm on my way to being one giant fatass if I ever stop training.

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