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If a possible new member of a club in Australia can ask to see an instructors' qualfication ie NCAS, then can't they also ask to see his blackbelt certificate? The old time blackbelts I know, despite their humility, would willingly show their certificates to you. Why won't Lothar? Maybe its a ninja certifiate and its hiding in the shadows and you need to do a secret hand shake to see it!
The problem is of course that people are not socially programmed to ask for verification of such qualifications bearing in mind of course that prospective students go to the instructor (generally) not the other way around.

I have no issues what so ever if a student or potential new student wants to see my menjo and teaching qualification, but then all I have to do is point to a wall in the dojo where they hang for anyone to scrutinise but, I've never been asked and I doubt I ever will because people make assumptions (wrongly sometimes) and consider the people who claim to be legitimate as exactly that.

The simplest answers are often the most likely; Why won't Lee present his certification ? Because he likely hasn't any of substance.