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    Quote Originally Posted by bryant9967
    The Warrior diet is a controversial diet that encourages under-eating during the day and then feasting at night. It is designed to mimic the way a warrior would eat (Spartans are mentioned by the creator).

    I was just wondering if anyone had tried this diet or knows anything about it?

    It seems to go against a lot of the more traditional methods of dieting e.g. 6 small meals a day.

    Cheers Guys
    Hi Bryan, welcome. Since there is an existing/ongoing thread dealing with the warrior diet, I'm moving your posts and all the posts into that one thread. Bryan and everybody else, please use your judgement and continue posting there.

    Just like when you want to regurgitate or vomit, you wanna do it in one place (usually the toilet), and not spread around the whole damned living room.

    Enjoy and eat your greens... in addition to your glutamine and your mandatory beer.

    Oh ****, I forgot, also, guys, keep the comedy stuff light... or at least intertwined with the topic at hand. :tongue3:

    Don't ask me what the **** that means. I'm still trying to figure that out myself. :ingun:

    -- EDIT --

    Bryant, also you may want to introduce yourselve in newbietown first. Also, change your style to something more meaningful. If you have none, just type "none" or "looking for one" - you get the idea.
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