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    I feel like you eyeballin' me, dawg!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Simio de las Rocas View Post

    And what appears to be his on-line retort: Anyone up for claiming the reward ?

    Sixth from the bottom..
    I'll pick you up from the sandbox and split the reward with you 50/50!
    I feel like you eye-bawlin' me, dawg!

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    I've sent Mr. Vella an email this morning asking him to be specific in where I've been involved in his business, I suspect he's attempting to link me by association because I've never named him or his aikido in any post until today (this post). Including any of my posts on Aikiweb dating back to 2002. I think he's a little butt hurt at my opinions of martial arts frauds in general.

    I've also informed him that I'm a little perplexed how I can be indicted under a Federal charge...

    1.. For an alleged crime I actually haven't committed
    2.. For someone who isn't a US citizen

    I'm not holding my breath.
    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

    ~Ella Wheeler

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