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    Shaolin Kung Fu School of Long Beach

    Serious waste of time dude! I went for a couple of months then left. My money got stolen! Teacher talks so much druing class i wanted to :llorar:. lots of stuff bout' him being in tournaments and how great he is. but the training is poor. Most of the students dont evun have right stances. Some tall boy tought me stuff, and a chick! Teacher stood around a lot, but didn't correct me. i missed class a few days, then was forced to start up from nuthin, but i hadnt fogot what i learned. just a waste! school has few students, and its no wonda. this place could be called a "mac do jo"

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    I don't know if I'm the only one here to think so, but I believe this review sucks. Real bad. And I'm inclined to think the poster itself does, but I will hold my judgment on that. I feel magnanimous today.

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    Actually who ever posted this is right.. This place really is not good. The stance training and foundations are practically non-existent. Student moral is excessively low,. Also when I attended for a while and found the teacher to have a rather overly high opinion of himself and his style in general. If you take something like Karate or Thai Kickboxing forget about it, this guy will tease you constantly, and when you aren't there he inevitably will talk about you behind your back....(this happened at least twice each class session). There is a general sense of discrimination against students of color or weight difference than the instructor's.

    As far as "shaolin" is concerned...there are much better schools in downtown la, alhambra, lomita, and south OC. This school is weak overall, the forms are are taught so poorly the students lack clarity, power, etc.

    Also the teacher uses no positive reinforcement, in fact its rather negative. this is one of the reasons the classes are small, NOT because their forms are "harder," (which is a line he uses all the time). People dont want to pay money to someone who doesn't help them...

    While the school does employ sparring it is highly uncontrolled, and there is a "bully" mentality about it. (such as the instructor saying "hey go harder on xxx tonight, and hit them xxxxxxx...)..

    When I was there kids were teaching people more than the instructor...kids that have no black belt, kids that were orange, yellow, white even....if i am going to pay someone to learn i want them to teach me, not a kid.:bssign:
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    Unfair Review

    Somehow this review came up when I was looking for the phone number to my studio online. I have been a student here for 5 years and feel strong both inside and out from my training. Please do not judge based on these comments and instead come to class and judge for yourself. This is a very small school, and classes are mixed in terms of age, race, and size. You'll find people of all ability levels and with past training in other martial arts. We often help each other with forms and sparring... this is the old way. We learn from each other, young and old. This school is not all shiny with trophies and Bruce Lee posters and you will not be getting stripes on a belt or badges on your uniform. All you will get is a a safe place to learn how to defend yourself and an instructor who cares enough and knows enough to risk losing some students to weed out those who do not have the tenacity required to learn this martial art the way it should be learned... slowly and deliberately. He does talk a lot... mainly because martial arts are his life. However, he does not talk himself "up" and is not running this school for recognition or glamour. I hope the former students who wrote the above reviews have found a better fit for what they are looking for, but by posting negative untruths you are doing a disservice to future students of the school who might have a different mentality than you.


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