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    Quote Originally Posted by new2bjj
    They want to sell you the rank. Drop the TKD and take up Muay Thai, BJJ, Boxing or something else. Seriously. TKD is basically a competitive sport, so, if you aren't going to compete, and compete within their rule set, why bother. Also, if you really want to compete, it doesn't hurt if you are Korean- that always gets you extra points. From a TKD Black Belt.

    Not all TKD schools sell rank. We do not sell rank, as we do not sell membership or charge dues.

    Our ranking promotions are given to those who earned it. Period. The test fee is a whole $5 bucks, that covers the paper work( print cost) period. Should you pass and move on, you may purchase the belt from us at cost( another whole $5 ) or you can buy it somewere else.


    Not all TKD was created equal.

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    [quote=EternalRage] There is no "all the way" - if you're thinking that reaching a belt level is the apex of training, you're way off base. Martial arts is about increasing fighting skill, and that has no end to it. Your biggest regret should be all the time you wasted when you could have been learning how to fight, not taking a test and getting a piece of cloth..[/quote]

    EternalRage I couldn't agree with you more.

    To the OP: I've seen a lot of people (especially teens) acheive their first Dan and then disappear...not realizing that achieving a 1st Dan (or Don) is really nothing more than showing a certain "mastery" of the basics.

    I think most good instructors probably think of themselves as nothing more than "senior students" at their Dojangs/Dojo's anyway.

    Also the title of your thread: The silly necessity of rank in organized Tae Kwon Do. Might lead someone to think..."cool, someone else who thinks skill is more important than rank."

    After reading your responses I don't think this is the case with you at this time.

    Follow some of the suggestions you've read here....and get to training!

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