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    Ok folks, this fiasco has been fun, but it is time to get real.

    As some of you may have guessed by now, this is an alias account, Ryukyu-Kempo is NOT my main (or otherwise) style and I have done what I came here to do.

    I was much younger when this review took place, and had trained with Coda a good deal. A couple of the good folks who tried to help coda step up by way of this review took me on and showed me that he had not been teaching a true martial art, or even a good self defense system. They did this when they pointed out his strengths and flaws to coda at the end of it all and I was privileged to be there to listen.
    At one point, one of the board was outside with my dad who had questions about the qualifications of the board to judge coda.

    The gentleman explained briefly that they were not judges, they had been asked to watch the performance by coda and give their opinion for coda's benefit.
    Upon request, he gave a quick demo of his own style, which I began learning the next week.

    I have since trained under a few of those on that board, and while the one who really opened my eyes has moved from the Stillwater area, I return to train with him when we can get together (I hear he is trying to get a large enough group to resume regular classes here).
    Funny how things turn out. Coda claimed to be a master, tells everyone how great he is and strokes my ego for over a year. I learned nothing of use from him. A stranger makes no claims at all, gives one short demo and sets me on the path I will follow the rest of my life.

    Why the trolling? Because one day I intend to have a school in stillwater and do not want my name associated with the likes of coda in any way, student, friend or foe and I have been all of those at different times.

    That being said, when I learned that he had acquired a "black Belt under the dillman group, I knew it would only be a matter of time before he begins to gather children and teens again and this time his teaching will be a true danger to those who trust him, as I have learned from others teaching the same bag of dung.

    While the group here at bullshido (as one of my instructors / training partners pointed out to me some time back) is often arrogant, usually rude and occasionally ignorant (assuming a newcomer to the forum is also a nube to MA, assuming to assert "authority" over these "ignorant nubes" and assuming those nubes are little rabbits who will run or cower at the harsh words of the "masters", You get the idea), there are a few here who use these fine qualities to oust frauds in the martial arts community and would take the information I have to offer and do something good with it.

    Have fun with it, if I learn more I will post, and if coda's school gets big enough I may even try to go back again to get footage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenpofist View Post

    One of many video's posted demonstrating his skill.
    After seeing this ^ and Parker and a number of others, I really must ask: does "kempo" translate as "obese" in some language or other?

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