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    Quote Originally Posted by Bolverk
    The reason we use a 45į angle in most cases is because the majority of blows will come towards the head. With the stick, we use the 45į angle as a means to move to what we call a zero pressure area, where the stick has diminished its force. This is usually done to the opposite side of where the attack comes from.
    I agree if it is my goal to enter. We are on the same page there. However, as my examples #3 and #4 above show I can continue to play on the outside by moving laterally (along the base or gum step in DBMA terms) on the first step and then moving in on my second step at an angle to my opponentís side for my strike. Different means to the same end however in these movements I am still at a stick fighting range as opposed to being in a clinch range. From there I can continue in, move back out or do a drive by. It opens up different options. It just comes down to strategy really. I never used these movements when I was doing Inosanto blend and they seem rare in PTK as well. I only picked this up recently with my DBMA training but it seems to work really well for me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bolverk
    Also, the greatest Arnis Master of the modern times, Professor Remey Amador Presas, suggests that closer is better in stick fighting. He says this because the stick has less power on the inside, and he suggests using angles to move in as well.
    While I agree with this philosophy there are times I donít want to be close. In my last fight I controlled the outer range and was landing good shots. Eventually my opponent managed to close the distance to avoid more strikes and we ended up clinching, trading knees and eventually going to the ground where he was able to use his strengths. Iím a decent grappler but heís a BJJ instructor from Canada so it was the last place I wanted to be.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bolverk
    However, as we all know, there is more then one way of applying footwork. I am not opposed to using lateral movements, however, only if I have to. I would rather close on my opponent and negate his weapons when possible and as quickly as I can.
    This is my strategy when the other guy is the better stick fighter. I close as quickly as possible to negate his weapons and impose my game. When the day comes (and it will) that I fight a better FMA fighter AND a better grappler then Iíll be fucked.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bolverk
    Anyway, if you are up north I would love to get together for some stick work if you are interested. I am always interested in learning different aspects of Kali/Arnis/Escrima.
    Unfortunately I am down south.

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    It is funny that you mention grappling, because I am terrible at it. I am getting better, and I spend a full 90 minutes on it in class. I find grappling to be a bit overwhelming at times, because it requires a certain amount of sensitivity to movements on the ground and a keen awareness of where you opponent is. I still have to develope these traits for the ground.

    Hey, thanks for the insight. It seems I have a few more things to consider now. I always like learning something new, even if I get whacked a few times in the process. I have grappling tonight, and weapons tomorrow, so I am going to approach both with a different mindset this week. Thanks.
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