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    study Konoha Gouken Tai-jutsu.

    Konoha Sempuu!

    Konoha Dia-Sempuu!

    And follow the rock lee regimen of training for days at a time with no rest, the only true way to build muscle

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    I was racking my brains thinking whether to send this to trollshido, but there is a point to be made. After all, the myth of sex hindering physical training still exists.

    The fact that you ejaculate or release testosterone doesn't mean that you are depleting your hormones. A healthy, strong libido is a sign that your body is churning enough testosterone. Sex is in a way similar to lifting weights (not the same, but similar). Many a man like to do a few sets of heavy compound exercises (usually squats and/or deadlifts) at the end of every workout.

    Why? Because lifting weights (either at 80% of your 1RM, or a high volume with short rest periods) make the body increase their production of serum testosterone (and in cases, growth hormone) as a response.

    Same with sex, perhaps not at the same intensitity, but it does. I would think no sex would be detrimental. After all, we are sexual creatures and hormone factories. This is not to say we gotta wank it 24/7, but that everything must be balanced.

    A feeling of balance, well-being and satisfaction must go hand in hand with physical training.

    Also, if an individual's success or failure in physical training depends on whether he ejaculates or not, I would see that as an indication he is fucking up big time in his nutrition, rest and/or training routines.

    --- EDIT ---

    If the noise-to-signal ratio becomes too high, this thread will go to trollshido.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raining_Blood
    This has been pestering me for the last few days. When you ejaculate you releash testorone. So if you dont wank/sex then your testorone levels should increase and because testorone levels are promote muscle growth, shouldnt it mean that no cum=big muscles. Please correct me if there is any problems in my logic process

    If that were remotely true, every adolescent boy from the time of their first wet dream onward through adulthood would still be able to tryout for the Vienna Boy's Choir.

    ... and, I'm not trolling you. Your logic is horribly flawed. How old are you, anyway?
    Calm down, it's only ones and zeros.

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    A research on the relationship between ejaculation and serum testosterone level in men.

    Jiang M, Xin J, Zou Q, Shen JW.

    Department of Life Science, Hangzhou Normal College, Hangzhou 310020, China. [email protected]

    The purpose of this study is to gain understanding of the relationship between ejaculation and serum testosterone level in men. The serum testosterone concentrations of 28 volunteers were investigated daily during abstinence periods after ejaculation for two phases. The authors found that the fluctuations of testosterone levels from the 2nd to 5th day of abstinence were minimal. On the 7th day of abstinence, however, a clear peak of serum testosterone appeared, reaching 145.7% of the baseline ( P < 0.01). No regular fluctuation was observed following continuous abstinence after the peak. Ejaculation is the precondition and beginning of the special periodic serum testosterone level variations, which would not occur without ejaculation. The results showed that ejaculation-caused variations were characterized by a peak on the 7th day of abstinence; and that the effective time of an ejaculation is 7 days minimum. These data are the first to document the phenomenon of the periodic change in serum testosterone level; the correlation between ejaculation and periodic change in the serum testosterone level, and the pattern and characteristics of the periodic change.
    So quit wanking it for 7 days and you'll have elevated test levels. More than 7 days doesn't increase it. So it hardly seems worth it, but there you go.

    Still, I'd bet $20 that you'll get better results if you eat right and lift right and keep putting out then if you did the typically crappy diet/exercise routine and didn't get laid.
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    The old theory about not blowing your load before a fight is definitely bogus.

    This use to be a tactic managers(or someone in a fighters camp) would high a hooker or two, and bring them to the opposing fighter, with the idea that he would hump his legs useless and not perform well during the fight.

    It would be logical to not stretch out a love making session, being rude to your lady and finishing in a quick 3 minutes won't make your body sore. Like-wise, try to limit your wank fest to less than 5 minutes or you're jab arm may not be up to par, it wont be sore of course, but there can be a difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by colonelpong2
    I've never seen the fascination people seem to have with rugby. Bunch of guys chasing a ball around a field.
    get the **** out of my country, traitor

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    To tom kagan I was not seriously suggesting not wanking to increase muscle size. I realize the effect would be minimal but it just interested me. Perhaps I should have rephrased it as no cum=possible marginal muscle gains if combined with exercise and a healthy diet.

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    Interesting fact - women perform better athletically after orgasms.

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    ^what about post-bukkake? lot of testosterone flying around...

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    wankin for gains

    i know if i dont release juice then i get pissy as hell and nobody want to be around me so i take it out on the gym and i get better results.

    i dont think it is from test or any other hormone i think it is just frustration.

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