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    my neighbor has a dog. but they run around her yard too because they're dog is a ***** from eating kibbles and bits.

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    Get this:

    Seriously though, .22 all the way. I shot a groundhog the size of a beagle and split the goddamn thing in half with 7.62x39.

    You live in one of the best states in the union for 2nd Amendment rights and gun ownership (individual responsibility for your own safety rather than relying on daddy government). Do not miss out on the opportunity to learn how to fire a gun properly while you have it.

    Or you could get one of these, if you're a total cheapass (9MM):

    HiPoint generally sucks, but if you're just killing bunnies it's not too bad. And if you accidentally shoot a neighbor, you won't mind throwing this thing into a lake too much to cover your tracks.

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    I would get a .22, but I'd stay away from semi-autos as subsonic bullets (keep your pinko commie neighbors from calling the police on you) have trouble cycling them. But then you're in Texas, so you probably have more leeway as far as noise complaints. I don't know which specific one you would get as I'm mostly a target shooter, and I'm almost sure an Anschutz would be overkill for rabbits.
    sudo make me a sandwich!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Jones
    You two are nuts.
    Please elaborate, I'm not sure of what you mean.

    Also, you said you want to shoot them in your front and back yard. Do you live in a city or town? Most municipalities in Texas have ordinances against discharging a firearm in the city limits and these prohibitions extend into their extended territorial jurisdictions (ETJs), so please check your local laws and ordnances before buying your GAU-19 for rabbit extermination.

    Sounds like you don't have enough land for truck hunting. If you haven't done it before, it entails having one person drive, one person in the back with a cue-beam spot ligtht and one to two persons in the back with shotguns. You drive around a patch of land until you spot a rabbit, hit it with the spotlight and chase it when it runs, blast like hell until you nail it or lose it. Its a real challenge if you use single shot 20 gauges and the terrain is really rough.

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    there is a old Polis wives tale with pouring vinegar on rabbits to get rid of them. to be safe, mix it with oven cleaner and spray nine and wear gloves. my dad killed all the mice in backyard with oven cleaner one year, but the rabbits are bigger and heartier.

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